Google says it is done by making tablets and cancels two unpublished products


Google will not release a sequel to the Pixel Slate tablet last year, according to Business Insider and Computer worldand instead focus your Chrome OS hardware efforts on traditional portable devices such as the Pixelbook. "For Google's primary hardware efforts, we will focus on Chrome OS laptops and continue to support Pixel Slate," said a spokesman. Business Insider.

Translation: You can expect Slate to continue to receive software and security updates for several years – but there will not be a Pixel Slate 2. Rick Osterloh, who heads Google's hardware business, confirmed this on Twitter on Thursday afternoon .

Google even revealed that it eliminated two tablet products in development by transferring the employees who were working on them to other areas of the company. (Most apparently joined the Pixelbook team.) The tablets were smaller in size than the Pixel Slate and were planned to be released "after 2019". But the disappointing results of quality assurance have led Google to completely abandon both devices. Google has informed employees about its decision on Wednesday.

The Pixel Slate received very mediocre ratings when it was released last year. Google won praise for the hardware design of the device, but the software seemed unfinished – Chrome OS still did not feel right at home on a tablet – and cheaper versions of Slate suffered with extremely slow and slow performance. It is rare to see a review of the MKBHD that is this concussion:

Google solved some of these issues with updates, but more than anything else the company may have realized that accepting Apple's iPad would be a losing battle. The iPad is offered in several price points, has a huge selection of apps and is ready to gain productivity improvements this fall with the launch of iPadOS. And Slate has never been the best of Microsoft Surface for consumers who really are looking for a complete desktop PC experience on a tablet.

Meanwhile, the Pixelbook has been received with much better customer feedback since its launch in 2017 due to its fantastic keyboard, nice display, lightweight design and unique style. And now it's clear that a new model is on the way. A Google spokesman said Computer world, who also reported in this news, that it is "very likely" that a Pixelbook 2 be released before the end of 2019.

At the same time, Osterloh is trying to point out that Google has every intention of improving Chrome OS on tablets – as several companies, including Acer and HP, have already launched products in that format. But Google itself throwing in the towel is not a big vote of confidence.


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