Fortnite uses insightful tactics to counter the growth of Apex Legends |


Epic Games has adopted a peculiar tactic to fight the explosive growth of the first week of Apex Legends, as the Respawn Entertainment title aims to overthrow Fortnite.

Since its launch on February 4, the free-to-play Battle Royale game has elicited lots of praise and has taken the gaming world by storm. On February 7, Respawn Entertainment announced that the game had crossed the 10 million mark in the first 72 hours of its release.

Players have already questioned Apex Legends' chances of challenging a giant like Fortnite, and now it looks like Epic Games is taking the challenge very seriously.

Respawn Entertainment

After a surprise launch, the legends of Apex caused more impact than expected.

Users who perform a Google search for the phrase "Apex Legends" now have a chance to receive a Fortnite ad at the top of the search results that will take them directly to the Epic Games website.

Because both titles are free-to-play battle-to-play games, there are lots of cross-referencing between keywords and resulting searches – which means that ads fall under Google's targeted advertising where businesses can select a public- to promote their promotions.


Fortnite highlights Apex in Google's new searches.

If Apex may or may not be the game that fills the role of "Fortnite killer", it is still unknown. Even some of Fortnite's biggest names had a chance and had fun in the process.

Even Tyler "Ninja" Blevins believes that the game has a chance, but it will take an incredible amount of hard work with Respawn.

"I mean anything that any game has a chance to get through Fortnite, but it will be almost impossible," Ninja said in his February 8 broadcast. "But this game specifically? No one knows by now. I think it will be almost impossible for someone to do what Fortnite did, and what they keep doing day by day and updating the game."


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