Fleurieu Falcon Peninsula disappeared after being caught in trait


A teenager is missing after being dragged out to sea on a beach in the Fleurieu Peninsula, and police have serious concerns about his survival.

Emergency services launched a desperate search with land and sea patrols conducting searches throughout the area.

The alarm was raised at 12:20 pm when a 17-year-old Victorian man and 20-year-old foreigner were spotted at Parsons Beach near Victor Harbor.

The 17-year-old was among a group of four men who had been fishing on the beach since the early hours of the morning.

media_cameraThe search continues for a teenage swimmer on the beach at Parsons Beach, near Waitpinga, on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Image: Gary Juleff

As the day got hotter, two of them were wading in the nearby beach.

Police believe they were hit by a wave near the rocky outcrop at the southern end of the beach, then pulled into the sea by a rip.

One of them, 20, managed to swim to the beach.

Another father jumped out to sea from the beach, trying to reach the 17-year-old boy who is believed to be his cousin.

His father also fought and was saved by a surfer who helped him back to the beach.

He was in shock after his rescue attempt and having trouble in the water.

Police are still trying to identify the surfer.

An insulation cord was placed around the fishing rods that remain on the rocks, where the four men were fishing.

media_cameraPolice believe the two men were hit by a wave near the rocky outcrop at the southern end of the beach. Image: Mitch Mott

The family and friends of the disappeared eagerly awaited news of the search, gathered near the improvised emergency services command post.

A friend can be heard sobbing while being comforted by another man at the scene.

Detective Sergeant Carl Whitacker of Victor Harbor said the beach was not empty when the two men were taken to the sea.

media_cameraA teenager is missing in Parsons Beach, on the south coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula. Image: Mitch Mott

"There were other people on the beach, there were little kids in the water and some surfers too," said Detective Sgt Whitacker.

"It is the sea and it can present serious challenges. Of the four people, in this case, we know that at least two have been to this beach several times before. "

He said the search will continue until late afternoon and that emergency services are not giving up on finding the teenager.

"This is a search for a missing person, not a body, and we hope to find it, and we're researching independently," said Sergeant Whitacker.

media_cameraPolice said the search would continue until late afternoon. Image: Gary Juleff

The local woman Felicity was one of the first people to join the search.

"I was on the beach with my kids and I saw a couple of cops scouring the rocks," she said.

"I asked if they had already scoured the beach and gone down there and found their clothes.

"It was when one of them came out of the water and passed me."

Linguistic barriers made communication with the police difficult.

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The Adelaide Newsbyte Afternoon – January 15, 2019

Almost 10 years ago, a swimmer saved the lives of two teenagers and 34 years of age at the nearby beach of Waitpinga.

On January 26, a group of four got into trouble at the beach and three were saved by Brett Perry, then 26.

A 48-year-old man, the father of one of the teenagers, could not be saved and drowned.


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