Firefighters Teams Fight to Save the Gold Coast House Featured on TV Series


Authorities have confirmed that the famous house featured in the TV series Big Brother is on fire.

Images have appeared in social media, where smoke is seen from the abandoned house, located on the land next to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

Firefighters were called to Foxwell Rd in Coomera at 2:15 pm, and have since fought the fire.

Since 3 pm, more than a dozen firefighters have tried to extinguish the flames.

According Gold Coast Bulletin, five police vehicles and six fire brigade teams are in place, with more on the way.

A spokeswoman for the Queensland Fire Department and Emergency Services has confirmed that the burning structure is the house Big Brother and the fire was "well wrapped" at 2:30 p.m.

There are reports that a group of teenagers wearing "hoodies and hats" were seen running from the scene.

A woman who passed by the police said to saturate the area.

"Cops were everywhere, watching teenagers around the area," she told reporters. "One teenager was hit by about four policemen."

The incident occurs only a few weeks after the Big Brother pad was vandalized.

The famous "mansion" of the reality show on the Gold Coast has been in a bad state since the series ended in 2014 with recently filmed footage spotting an abandoned ruined hole.

More details to come.


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