Everything Apple added to the new iOS Beta


The second public beta for iOS 12.2 has just been released and there are some interesting changes to the previous iteration – including a new block screen aesthetic and, most important of all, new Animojis.

Here's what else Apple added.

New lock screen

Instead of displaying the date, the lock screen will show the amount of battery remaining.


Anyone with an iPhone X or later model or an iPad Pro will have four new Animojis to play – a boar, giraffe, owl and shark. Cute!

Control Center Update

The Music widget became simpler, with the top icon being converted to the AirPlay logo. When you touch it, a list of available devices is displayed.


The Australians are not going to deal with this, but AT & T customers in the US that downloaded the beta are seeing a "5GE" icon appear at the top of their screens. In fact it's not 5G, just the latest version of telco's 4G LTE.

And in case you missed out, the earlier version of iOS 12.2 also includes:

  • Full screen Apple TV remote control
  • Apple Wallet including transactions being classified per year and the ability to add cash directly to Apple Cash
  • HomeKit TV support
  • Updated Home Controls allowing the sharing of content for TVs. Previously, only the speaker access was allowed.
  • Brand new Screen Mirroring icon
  • Weather conditions and air quality in Maps
  • Safari it also had some updates, including word search as part of auto-remediation functionality, the ability to prevent websites from reading your phone's orientation and movement information and highlighting non-HTTP sites as non-secure.
  • Downtime now has the ability to be set for specific days and times
  • Apple News to Canada

Some bugs were also found in 12.2 beta, especially with respect to Apple Pay. Some users were not able to authenticate you after selecting the card of choice in your Wallet.

Apple acknowledged this problem in the release notes and suggested double-clicking the Home button when the device is locked by selecting the wallet card and authenticating it before holding it to the reader.

Alternatively, users with face IDs can perform all of the above steps, but then authenticate with the face before putting it on the reader.

It seems that 12.2 Siri is also having problems with iOS simulators.

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