Eight people found in the outback of the NT during the search for five missing



February 6, 2019 22:36:57

Five people reported missing in the outback of the Northern Territory were found – along with three others.

After Telina Cummings, 26, Kurt Tipingwuti, 26, and Esau Martin, 31, did not return from a hunt Monday, NT said two men – Lincoln Martin, 44, and James Andrews, 32 – in an area east of Bulman, about 300 kilometers east of Katherine.

However, it seems that three others had accompanied the search team.

On Wednesday, the NT Police began a search, and the eight were found by a helicopter crew in the afternoon.

Sheena Cummings, the mother of one of the missing persons, told ABC that all groups were stuck.

"My other uncle left looking for them in another car looking for them," she said.

"They found them, but they got stuck too, because it's raining now."

Northern Territory Police confirmed that the eight people were found and there were no significant injuries.

However, Cummings also claimed that the party had not been taken to the medical center and was worried.

"They did not even take them to the clinic," she said.

"If a person has been out of the woods for three days and two nights [they should go]"

"She'll never do it again"

Cummings said she had been sick from worry since Monday after seeing on Facebook that her eldest daughter, Telina Cummings, did not return from a hunting trip with her partner Kurt Tipingwuti and Uncle Esau Martin.

She said she called the police on Tuesday to report that they were missing, starting the search.

"I barely slept last night worried about her being in the woods for two nights," she said.

"I also have other kids who are really worried."

Asked if she had spoken to her daughter since the ordeal, Cummings said she had on the phone.

"She said" Never, never again. "She will never do that ever again," she said.


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