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Dying Light 2 E3 2019 preview: Techland's fantasy of polluted power has a politically strong impact


I was prepared to Light Dying 2& Nbsp; s sequel size scope. I was prepared for his first gameplay from moment to moment. But what I was not prepared for, perhaps to my shame, was his consistent ability to frighten me senseless. I'm also not just talking about the immediate fear of their zombies-style I Am Legend, most of which crowd into dark, blackened buildings, known as Dark Zones during the day, and appear only when the sun sets to chase the world Open. night.

No, Dying Light 2's main dish on the horror menu is the kind of sinister, goal-inducing fear that infiltrates permanently into the limbic system and under the skin. And like all the best stories of apocalypse, this horror does not come from the undead, but from the humans who seek to survive in spite of them.

Our Hands of Demonstration for Techland's Open World Sequence for 2015 Dying light takes us to the City, the fictional metropolis of Eastern Europe that sets the stage for a bloody tug of war between competing factions, most of which are still breathing and none of them is particularly pleasing. Defined 15 years after the events of the first game, Dying Light 2 turns to the question of who rebuilds the new world from the ashes of the former, and our playable protagonist, Aiden Caldwell, for reasons not yet fully revealed – be crucial to provide these answers.

Techland will remember that

Credit: Techland

The E3 2019 demo begins in The Fish Eye, a decadent tavern led by a guy named Frank, who is about to make a deal with a faction called The Renegades to bring water back to his district. Aiden is there to keep the peace during the negotiations, but it was not long before a fight started, Frank is shot and the Renegades return to the base of his castle. The Dying Light 2 scenes still unfold from a first-person perspective, but are now imbued with much more interactivity as players are forced to make quick real-time decisions during key moments to determine direction of its branching. story, much in the same vein as a telltale narrative adventure game.

With Frank bleeding, for example, we are faced with the choice of seeking the Forsaken or staying with our deceased friend. In that case, Aiden runs away, leaving Frank in precarious conditions to seek revenge against his attacker. These player moments come hard and fast during the show, and they all have a determinable impact on the gameplay, story and world of Dying Light 2 (spoilers: if you let Frank, he bleeds and dies while Techland confirmed that the prognosis might have It was better if Aiden had decided to stay and help him recover).

As a result, Techland says that a single move from the Dying Light 2 campaign will offer only half of the content available in the game, and they are not just talking about the story as well. For example, by finding and infiltrating Renegade's HQ, we finally came face-to-face with its leader, the colonel. We can renegotiate some sort of arrangement to get your monopolized water pumps back on, or attack it from the front and turn on the faucets for ourselves.

Credit: Techland

We watched as Aiden goes with the latter option, eventually bringing the bombs back and draining the floodplain from the castle in the process, revealing a whole new urban region that can now be explored. If we had chosen a different touch with the Colonel, the bombs would remain unplugged and this region would be submerged forever, exploitable only in small blasts through free diving excursions. This is Techland's vision of his narrative sandbox in action; where the very world of the Agonizing Light reacts to the players' decisions as well as their dividing line.

Parkour parkour!

But for those more interested in how Dying Light 2 plays as a game than as an interactive story, you do not have to worry. It's still as fabulous as ever. As we watch Aiden navigate the city, it quickly becomes clear that in this world, every crevice is navigable, every platform scalable, and every non-playable character, dead or not, is as useful as a means of going up or down. the terrain as a punching bag for Dying Light's unique first-person pugilism brand.

Aiden has an impressive arsenal of freerun complicity tools to help you now too, in a clever expansion of equipment to accompany the fan favorite hook of the original game. While pursuing the Renegades, we see Aiden install a paraglider to move from one roof to another, use rope to swing between oscillating platforms and, rather, cling to protrusions with the return projectile hook, which can now also be used to get the vertical advantage in enemies like some kind of DIY Spider-Man.

Credit: Techland

"It solidifies Techland's status as the undisputed parkour king of video games"

He is much more agile than Kyle Crane of the Dying Light, too, capable of wall racing, underbars and long Olympic style jumps to cover great distances in seconds. Watching him in action is as impressive as combat focused on melee combat is brutal and solidifies Techland's status as the undisputed king of parkour video game (sorry, Mirror's Edge).

Having seen so much of Dying Light 2 now, I'm still desperate to a) experience how the game plays for me and b) learn if Techland's ambitious narrative sandbox really works when put in the rhythm of someone outside the studio. The game has just been delayed from 2019 until the spring of 2020, which we hope gives Techland all the time it takes to polish Dying Light 2 from soup to nuts. That being said, if the demonstration I saw is a real mockery of the end product, then we have something very, very special in our hands indeed.

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