Doctor Samitha Sudusinghe accused of raping female patient: Court


The trial of a Queensland doctor accused of raping a patient during a consultation to discuss her abdominal pain continued to this day.

Samusing Sudusinghe allegedly touched and inserted a finger into the single mother's vagina through her panties during a referral in November 2015.

They say he tried to do it again, even after the woman waved her hands and said no.

The doctor is also accused of slapping her butt while she picked up her son during a previous visit.

During his opening statement on Tuesday, prosecutor Christopher Cook said the woman did not agree with the alleged sexual behavior.

Cook said that Sudusinghe was working in an office in the northern suburbs of Brisbane in 2015 when the alleged incidents occurred and the alleged victim began seeing him in July of that year after his regular doctor returned to India.

The court heard that she saw the accused eight times over a five-month period, but the alleged assaults only occurred after she had seen him several times.

Cook said the woman would give evidence that she did not consent and that she moved her hands and clenched her legs when he tried to assault her.

Sudusinghe pleaded not guilty to three counts of sexual assault, rape and attempted rape.

The jury is expected to hear a secretly recorded conversation that occurred between the two after the alleged incidents, in which the woman asked why he had touched her without her permission.

Cook said that Sudusinghe "did not deny".

However, his defense lawyer said that there were several phrases that were undetectable in the secret taping and that when he referred to "crossing the borders," he meant going over his naval.

Details of the GP interview with the police should also be displayed as part of the prosecution's case.

The trial is due by Friday.


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