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Do you know what is really inside?

Mark all your calendars, because today will be a day you will never forget.

We're about to impress you with critical information about jelly donuts that will undoubtedly change life as you know it.

Are we being a little dramatic? Probably. But this juicy snack will alter all the memories of the candy you have ever had.

Like jelly donuts, the often deep-fried but sometimes baked delight that explodes at the seams with that bright red sauce we all know and love actually hides a huge secret.

Unfortunately, news.com.au is here to destroy your sticky dreams with the truth, thanks to the Donut King folks who have boldly opposed the official donut code of practice to share it with us.

"Some food brands use apple paste or sauce as their main ingredient in their raspberry jam recipe," Donut King general manager Andrew Badcock told news.com.au.

Yes, that's right – the "raspberry jam" is actually colorful and flavored apple sauce. The world as we know it is a lie.

"With its natural, pips-free sweetness, apple sauce is widely used for its soft texture and jam," said Badcock, explaining that the decision to swap jelly for apple sauce is due to apple eaters. picky donuts who don't like pips in their baked goods.

"Many customers have a tendency to smoother and more consistent textures in their food choices as it is a more familiar and comforting experience," said Badcock. "Pips, seeds and smaller grains tend to get stuck in the teeth and many people don't appreciate this feeling."

Instead, many bakers, not just Donut King, combine sugared apple sauce and enhancers to shape it into the coulis-style filling we've all been licking from our fingers for years.

Kerrie McCallum, Editor-in-Chief of Delicious, also told news.com.au that mass-produced donuts used a "diluted" jelly substitute.

"Large chains use a kind of diluted substance to get the finest consistency and sweetest taste they want," she said.

"Real jelly is rather" cold, "so thick and sticky with bits of fruit and seeds, and most mass-produced donuts use a softer texture to suit broader tastes."

The rum mill surrounding the authenticity of jelly in our beloved donuts first started on Nova FM Chrissy, Sam and Bronwy Concert earlier this week when a person named Robyn called and made the claim in the segment "Can we offer a snack?" from the program.

After a long investigation by news.com.au, we finally got to the bottom of the matter.

Our minds have been officially blown up. We said life would never be the same again.

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