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DJI Mavic Mini Images and Specifications Leak into New Dealer List

An early retail listing at the Newegg Canadian store gave us official images of DJI's Mavic Mini without prior notice, as well as listing its specifications. DJI's new drone is an open secret right now. We saw an FCC listing for the drone in August and DroneDJ posted his hands on the images last week. But the dealer list adds credibility to these earlier leaks and costs the tiny drone at $ 646.15 Canadian dollars (about $ 494) when sold with DJI's Fly More kit.

One of the most important specifications listed on the Newegg page is the drone weight of only 249g. This means that any owner in the US (and soon in the UK) will not need to register this drone with the authorities to pilot it. Previously DJI's lightest Mavic drone was the Mavic Air, which weighs 430g, far above the FAA registration limit of 8.8 ounces (250g). Both the retailer's list and the images leaked earlier this month from DroneDJ Show me how small it is to sit in the palm of your hand. DroneDJ notes that it is similar in width and height to a smartphone.

Flight time is estimated at 30 minutes according to the product list (which corroborates with DroneDJ's previous report), and the recording resolution apparently reaches 2.7K instead of 4K, which DroneDJ speculation is an attempt to prevent the Mavic Mini from cannibalizing sales of DJI's Mavic Air or Mavic Pro drones. You can find more pictures of the new drone at WinFuture.

The retailer listing does not provide any information as to when the Mavic Mini may be released, but with a DJI announcement scheduled for 9am ET on Wednesday, we may not have to wait long.

October 28 Update, 6:55 am ET: Updated with details of the DJI event taking place on Wednesday.

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