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Episode of Thursday of Star Trek: Discovery "Through the Valley of Shadows" had some important moments for Pike and the crew of the USS Discovery. The cast and crew of the show have been talking about the episode and sharing some photos and pictures behind the scenes, so we've gathered all the highlights.

As Discovery is informing the future of Pike and his past

As a guest The room ready, Anson Mount described how he feels that the events of "Through the Valley of Shadows" affect Pike's character:

Having good control over the canon, I was very grateful how the writers dealt with it. It was very clever, mainly because it turns Pike's third act – which we already know and has already established – makes it more of a triumph than a tragedy. In making that an active choice on his part, I learned a lot about the character when I read this … The only thing I know about Pike is that he probably had good parents and he definitely had good mentors. He's emotionally intelligent enough, and idealistic enough, to defiantly know that when you say you're going to do something, you do that. You live according to your word. And to be presented to a situation where he can escape a horrible fate if he turns his back on the ideals he has promised to keep, is not really a choice, because when you do not fulfill his word, what are you? If you can win the world, but get lost in doing this, you are nothing.

Seeing Vina again in "If Memory Serves" adds depth to Pike as a character:

We get to see them remembered what they had and had to give up and it warms the heart that that desire remains. And so the meeting – and the gestalt of our narrative about the Star Trek canon – is the hottest too.

The actor also discussed how to be on his own five-year mission during the Klingon War reported the character:

absolutely [Pike feels guilt and regret for missing out on the Klingon War]. We've touched on it at various points of the season. This is definitely an emotional arc that Pike has to overcome. It's the reason he puts himself in danger so many times, he's the survivor's fault … And I like how the writers dealt with the explanation of why the Enterprise was kept out of the war and how that other shoe fell with the Admiral Cornwell. It was a great time and there is always that question of why the captain has to go to the missions outside and this really answered that question in a way that I have never seen before.

Pike confronts his future in "Through the Valley of Shadows"

Doing Pike himself, with a little help from Chris Pine and William Shatner

During the interview, it was clear how much Anson Mount is a Star Trek fan and what a great thing it was for him as an actor to get the role of Pike. He described what it meant for him to get the part:

It is this incredible legacy character that we all know and care about and of all the characters we consider to have great stakes in the canon for Star Trek, I think we know less about Pike. So it was an honor to be invited to help understand this. And I just like the character, and that's not always the case. I think he's a good leader. I like the way writers have discovered that their specific style of leadership is unlike any other captain we've seen, as it should be.

He also talked about how much he is enjoying playing Pike:

I really like that, because it's Pike's second act. We know Pike in the first act and we know the Pike from the third act, but we did not know much about Pike from the second act. I felt a lot of freedom in it, going in and making that version of that Pike period.

When asked if he brought other influences to the role, Mount revealed his love for Kirks:

You know what I loved about Chris Pine's performance in J.J. In the Abrams movies, if you watched the end of the first movie he plays Kirk in, there's a scene where he crosses the bridge and sits in the captain's chair. And he absolutely preached the way Shatner would do it. And I just decided that I would try to do it the way he sits in the chair like Shatner, I was going to try to make it better, even though I'm not playing Kirk. I just thought: why not, let's give it a try.

Anson Mount wanted to bring some Kirk to his Pike

You can watch the entire Ready Room for more of Mount on film "Through the Valley of Shadows" and life on the set Star Trek: Discovery.

Kurtzman Speaks "Across the Valley of Shadows"

CBS also released another "Moments of Discovery" video on this week's episode, with Pike focusing on her vision of the future. Showrunner and executive producer Alex Kurtzman talked about how Discovery gave them the chance to show this story and add a new dimension to it:

I think everyone knows what happened to Pike and everyone knows there was some training exercise accident that resulted in his disfigurement and that's all we really know. And I think the opportunity of this show is to explore the same story, but to present it in a new way.

Writers talk about Boreth and why Worf did not know about time crystals

Pike's quest and vision happened on Boreth's Klingon planet, which was first established in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Rightful Heir", which made Worf visit the monastery honoring Kahless on the planet. In an interview with SyFy, "Through the Valley of Shadows," co-writers Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt talked about using Boreth for their episode:

Boreth has always been carefully established as a sacred place for the Klingons – and this is not something we wanted to destroy. Instead, we wanted to EXPAND the existing canon and Boreth's functionality by introducing a hidden sect of monks who dedicated their lives to storing the crystals of time. We love the notion that this otherwise ferocious race of warriors learned not to mess with something as dangerous and volatile as time … Worf would not have access to the part of the monastery of Boreth that housed the crystals. [because] that's not why Worf was there.

Worf on Boreth at TNG: "Legitimate heir"

Behind the scenes of "Through the Valley of Shadows"

The cast and crew share ideas and images from this week's episode on social media.

Mary Chieffo shouted episode writers Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt with a backstage sequence of the three on set.

Kim also shared a fun photo of Chieffo taking a break, protecting her new chic dress (and total torso prosthesis).

And Lippoldt posted a great scene of Anson Mount rehearsing the scene as he confronted his future self in the chair.

Actor Ken Mitchell was very excited to return to Discovery to play his third Klingon character, and joked that he is now growing.

Anson Mount also went on Twitter to thank the fans for all the support during the season.

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