Confession on the deathbed of former President Nauru


The former president said the interview on Network Ten "probably" will be his last before he succumbs to a battle against terminal cancer.

Mr. Dabwido said that at the time he had no discomfort with the proposal, but now he thinks that "the agreement at the table was made by the devil, it is an agreement with the devil."

Sprent Dabwido as president of Nauru in 2011.

Sprent Dabwido as president of Nauru in 2011.

The detention center has had a plethora of prisoner strikes and prison strikes, as well as a full-scale rebellion in 2013, resulting in negative press coverage around the world.

There have been 45 deaths in detention facilities on land and at sea since 2010, with 24 of them known as suicides. Fourteen of these deaths were people in detention centers on the island of Manus or Nauru.

Since 2012, more than $ 5 billion has been spent in Manus Island and Nauru detention centers.


When asked why Nauru simply did not rip his contract with Australia, he went straight.

"They should.The Nauru government should find a way better than living in the blood of these people," he told Mr. Macdonald.

After his time as president, he attracted the ire of future governments, being arrested for protests in 2015 and subsequently being barred from flying to Australia for medical treatment in 2016.

Having left office in 2013, Mr. Dabwido highlighted a bill earlier this year from the current Nauruan government as particularly painful.


In response to Australia's medical evacuation bill, Nauru has hastened to adopt new laws that prevent residents from receiving medical transfers if the referral is based on the recommendation of a doctor who consulted the patient online.

"Why would they make laws preventing people from seeking medical attention? It hurts me," he said.

"You make a law that puts people's lives at risk only for money that is blood, which is bad and that is wrong.

"As for my people in Nauru, stop taking money from Australia, stand up and become a good member of the international community."

As the end approaches Mr. Dabwido, he also "married" his partner Luci at an unofficial engagement ceremony – he originally wanted to propose to her at the top of the Eiffel Tower, but said the cafeteria at the Prince of Wales Hospital of Randwick even. "

Matt Bungard is a journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald.

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