Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude of Big Lebowski Team Up for Super Bowl Announcement


Carrie and Lebowski are well-known for what they drink – cosmopolitan for her, white Russian for him – but when she orders a Stella, hilarity happens. Eyebrows rise. The waiters fall. Plates break. Enter The Dude, who approaches the bar and asks for something he pronounces like Stella Ar-toes, provoking more shock.

Carrie hits Dude's arm and says, "Good choice." He replies, "Well, changing can do a little good."

Wait, The Dude is ordering beer at the Super Bowl? Can fans of your cult classic of a movie be sold?

Have no fear. The advertisement is titled Change the usual and promotes the brand's "Pour It Forward" campaign with, where Stella Artois sales trigger donations to access drinking water for people in the developing world.

"At its core, El Duderino would like to do the right thing," Bridges said in a statement. "Especially when it's as easy as ordering a Stella."

In addition, the Coen brothers, who made The Big Lebowski, made a Super Bowl ad in 2017, a parody Easy Rider. The ad, as well as the film on counterculture, starred Peter Fonda, who turned from disheveled anti-hero in the film into a luxury movie in the ad.


Parker, in turn, called Stella's announcement "a joyful experience … bringing Carrie back for a good and important cause."

Bridges caused a stir last week when he tweeted a 15-second clip of himself as El Duderino. Speculation swelled that it might have meant a movie sequel was under construction. On Sunday, the tweet had more than 10 million views; was really an ad clip.

"What better time to bring him back," said Bridges, "than helping change the lives of people who live without access to water by simply changing their request? … This is something Cara would accept, man. "

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