Thursday , April 22 2021

Carrie Bickmore pregnant: project presenter shows a baby bump in the red dress

Carrie Bickmore certainly knows how to do the maternity style well.

The project The hostess wore an elegant red dress while taking advantage of one day with Evie, a three-year-old daughter in Melbourne last Friday.

In an admirable move, the heavily pregnant star paired the dress with high-heeled wedges.

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The Gold Logie winner was on maternity leave last week before the birth of her third child.

TV personality said goodbye in the episode on Thursday night The project, with co-hosts Waleed Aly, Pete Helliar and Rachel Corbett, presenting her with a hilarious framed photo of the duo dressed as babies.

Bickmore wrote on the Instagram that she was "so excited and (slightly terrified !!)" to be leaving The project have his third child.

"I look forward to getting my head off the news cycle and into stinky diapers. I'll see you back at the table next year, "she added.

Bickmore shared frequent updates about her pregnancy with her fans, including how she suffered from morning sickness after her first trimester

"Until this week, I felt so sick – 24 hours a day, how I mean so sick," she told her radio show Carrie and Tommy in June, shortly after announcing her pregnancy.

"I did not even think I had the energy to work … even to understand what was happening.

"[Being] Hungry made me feel sick, eating made me feel sick, being awake made me feel sick, sleeping made me feel bad, coffee made me feel sick, everything made me feel sick.

He is the second son of Bickmore with partner Chris Walker, who is also the father of his daughter Evie.

Bickmore had her 11-year-old son, Oliver, with her husband Greg Lange, who died of brain cancer in 2010.

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