BREAKTHROUGH! Price of bitcoin breaks $ 10,000 barrier


BREAKTHROUGH! Price of bitcoin breaks $ 10,000 barrier

The price of Bitcoin finally broke the psychological $ 10,000 [AU$14,480] barrier today, while also dragging altcoins for favorable gains.

The price of Bitcoin rose nearly $ 650 in the last 24 hours, reaching a year-high of $ 9768 yesterday, before continuing to climb to where it currently stands at $ 10,193.

Bitcoin showed his resilience several times this year, proving that the pessimists were wrong in their predictions that Satoshi's creation was a fad or a pyramid scheme.

Coming out of winter crypto

2018 was a painful year for BTC enthusiasts, as crypto-crash dropped from its record of nearly $ 20,000 by mid-December 2017.

The entire crypto-coins market fell and went into a "winter of encryption", where many coins lost up to 80% of their value.

As the bear market of 2018 continued in 2019, fears that Bitcoin was dying and entering a "nuclear winter" began to manifest.

The year 2019 began with the price negotiation of Bitcoin at $ 3,765, and the virtual currency traded sideways throughout February and March.

It was in April, when the BTC finally began to emerge from the crisis and overtook the $ 5,000 barrier, and the following month Bitcoin hit $ 6,000.

As the price of Bitcoin began to rise, optimism began to return and noted that Bitcoin bulls, like Tom Lee, predicted that the "crypto winter" was finally ending.

As the month of May advanced, Bitcoin continued to rise in value, reaching $ 7,000 on May 12 and then $ 8,000 the next day.

Bitcoin then danced around the $ 8,000 mark by the middle of June, where he broke $ 9,000.

As the price of Bitcoin rose, so did the number of active addresses in its blockchain, reaching more than one million on June 14.

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Breaking up

Now, finally, the world's first crypto-currency has reached the milestone of over $ 10,000, which is a remarkable psychological barrier.

In May, Tom Lee said that the $ 10,000 BTC would attract a lot of interest from institutional investors just waiting to see how things in the cryptographic ecosystem would be eliminated.

"I think the optimism of investors is that now that bitcoin is approaching $ 10,000, I think there is an increasing chance of traditional investors, non-crypto, traditional financial investors start looking at encryption again" said.

"And this is very important, obviously, because bringing that new kind of interest and demand to the encryption could really push the bitcoin to the highest of all time," he added.


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