Bol Bol, son of Manute Bol Voting, Denver Nuggets


If Zion Williamson was the key to the 2019 NBA draft in the New Orleans Pelicans' first pick, what no one saw was the son of an NBA icon falling incredibly low.

And as a result, the Denver Nuggets may have become unexpected winners of the NBA Draft.

Bol Bol, son of former NBA star and defensive midfielder Manute Bol, had a chance to reach the top five in the draft but sensationally dropped to No. 44 before being drafted by the Miami Heat and immediately negotiated with the Denver Nuggets. .

His draft day turned into one of the absolute sorrows for the 2.18m-tall Oregon product, prominently featured on social networks, noting that the center – which performed well in nine games before an ankle injury – seemed close to tears during recruitment.

When on the ground, he did not disappoint, taking the ducks in points (21.0), rebounds (9.6), blocks (2.7) and percentage of three points (52.0).

That included a 32-point game and 11 rebounds against Texas Southern, where their varied skills were in full view.

Bol was one of 22 players invited to the green room for the draft at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn but he was seen leaving his seat before returning shortly before Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum announced the choice.

"The wait is over," ESPN's Maria Taylor said after the selection.

"I just want to prove everyone wrong and come out and be the best player I can be."

He was then asked what kind of player he will be and suggested that his highlights will be delivered.

"You've seen it on YouTube, bring it to the NBA more and they develop and are better players," he said.

When he was finally chosen, Bol received a cheery reception with fans in attendance, applauding his name and telling Jared Greenberg of the NBA that the reception made him feel much better.

"It made me feel so much better to hear my name from all the fans, that excited me a lot," Bol said.

"It's hard not to go where I thought I would, but I'm really just blessed to be here and make the best of my situation."

Bol thought he would go high – and Greenberg insisted he told the NBA that he thought he was among the "top three players" in the draft, but Bol acknowledged that the teams would have been frightened by the concussion and the medical report.

"It was probably because of the medical material and the body," Bol added.

"I'm not too big for the position I play, so I think that's probably their main concern.

"My foot is back to 100% and I can not play for so long, as soon as I get back, everything will be fine."

Bol was also informed that in many ways he could look like the current center of Denver and League MVP candidate Nikola Jokic, who was also second place, giving him even more hope.

"I did not know that, that's incredible because he (Jokic) is a great player."

Denver's selection for Bol comes a year after being the second rehab project – Michael Porter Jr. (back), out of Missouri.

The Bleacher Report went so far as to say that Bol now has a "chip on his shoulder" after being overlooked by so many in the draft.

In the Nuggets, it looks like he will have a lot more to develop behind team star Nikola Jokic, which NBA analyst Micah Adams called "unique," as Denver reported that the foot injury to Bol is fully recovered.

New team-mate Monte Morris immediately gave his support to Bol Bol, saying it's all "love" for him in Denver.


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