Bellamy appeals to Roosters for "condescending" with Barcelona comparison


"They were the team last year who won the competition and they won in the end," Bellamy said.

"We all know who was the best team last season.This week some of their players came out and exhausted the tires.I think we were compared to Barcelona by Luke Keary.

"So obviously they sat down earlier in the week and decided among themselves that we're going to pump their tires until they come out and blow them up with rifles on Friday night.

"We all find it a bit condescending to be honest.

"Everyone knows what a great team they are.You have Keary playing the best football of his career and James Tedesco is almost the best player in the game and with his attackers, his backstroke.We as a team, we know how big an assignment it is. "

The Storm faces a bit of uncertainty on their backs with center fielder Curtis Scott needing to prove his fitness after missing last year's game.

Scott was named in the 23-man team but not on the side with young center Marion Seve listed to start. If Scott was in shape, he would probably take his place and Seve would move to the bank.

Craig Bellamy believes the sharks are being "condescending" in his praise to the Storm

Craig Bellamy believes the sharks are being "condescending" in his praise to the StormCredit:AAP

The Roosters are stacked on their outer backs with Latrell Mitchell and Daniel Tupou leading the way for the Storm not to play Scott unless it's fully done.

"He had some concerns because he was sick last week and had some other minor injury problems," Bellamy said.


"It was a five-day turnaround and a long trip to Townsville, so we thought we'd better let him out." Seve had some really good weeks, so it was not that difficult to make a decision.

Although there are many stories to the game, Bellamy nullified any suggestion Storm great Cooper Cronk would receive anything but a hero is welcome to his first game back at AAMI Park.

Cronk moved to the Roosters last year to be able to join wife Tara Rushton in Sydney and was one of the cornerstones of his premiership win.

Bellamy lifted the fact that the fans booed Billy Slater during the grand finale last year despite being his last game.

"Our fans were disappointed with what happened to Billy in the big final last year, which was wrong, but they will not do that with Cooper," Bellamy said.

"He was a wonderful player here for a long, long time and a wonderful person for our club as well.

"I'm sure he will receive a warm reception and I will be very disappointed if he does not receive."

The storm faces the roosters at AAMI Park on Friday at 10.55 p.m.

Roy Ward is a sports writer for the age.

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