Behind the Scenes Reveals Why Reboot Failed


It opened up to bad reviews and box office receipts – and it seems that the much-anticipated revival of the iconic Men in Black franchise had a very troubled start.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson star in Men in black: international, the fourth installment of the popular franchise and the first in which Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones do not appear.

A fascinating in-depth look at the making of this latest film published by The Hollywood Reporter reveals that it was originally meant to be a very different film: A 21 Jump Street mash-up, if you can believe.

In 2016, Sony Pictures tried to go ahead with a planned crossover movie that would see the alien combat characters Men in Black collide with the unfortunate disguised police officers of the huge success 21 Jump Street reboot, starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

It is unclear how the two fictional worlds would unite – and we will never know, as ambitious plans have fallen when the parties to each franchise have failed to agree on how to proceed.

The next question, now 21 Jump Street was off the table: Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones would reprise their main roles as Agents J and K for the fourth film? The Hollywood Reporter says booking the two A-listers was seen as "an expensive proposition and not a vision for the future" – then the studio turned to a MIB restart with a new cast.

Early drafts of the script were strong enough to see Australian A-lister Chris Hemsworth and his Marvel co-star, Tessa Thompson, sign as leaders – but The Hollywood Reporter He says that by the time he came to film, rewritten scrawls were "causing some confusion" among the actors, with Thompson and Hemsworth even hiring their own dialogue writers.

The result? It is not a total disaster, but certainly a lower-than-expected entry into the Men in Black canon. The film received criticism from critics who criticized the "lackluster action and forgettable plot". Wenlei Ma, of, called the film "slightly fun but mostly worth shrinking".

"Perhaps a more precise title for Men in black: international should be Men in Black: Meh. It's so forgettable that you're going to feel like you've neuralised, "she wrote in a two-and-a-half-star review, claiming that filming" had great chemistry on the screen Thor: Ragnarok; here is strangled. "

The film debuted at the top of the US box office and here in Australia this week – but still well below expectations. In the USA, Men in black: international brought in $ 30 million in its opening weekend, making it the franchise's first film not to open above $ 50 million.

With a production budget of $ 94 to $ 110 million and an additional $ 120 million spent on marketing, it is estimated that the film will have to bill $ 300 million worldwide to balance the investment. Just a week after launch, this seems unlikely.

The mediocre comments and the poor box office combine to make Men in black: international what The Hollywood Reporter nicknamed the "freezer franchise."

In other words, if we see another Men in Black franchise, will not be for a long time.


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