BATMAN finally wins a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


bat Man
Credit: Nicola Scott (DC)

DC Batman has been announced as one of the latest Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Walk of Fame members by 2020.

The induction of the fictional character was announced alongside Julia Roberts, Maheshala Ali, Chris Hemsworth, Spencer Lee, Andy Cohen, Wendy Williams, Christina Applegate, Terry Crews, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Alicia Keys, Billy Idol, Tanya Tucker, Billy Porter, Dave Chappelle, the late Andy Kaufman and Muddy Waters, and others at a ceremony broadcast by Variety.

"We were able to recognize the talents of 35 artists who have built a legacy here in Hollywood," said Vin Di Bona, chairman of the selection committee. "In addition, we have been able to celebrate many talented new artists who have touched our hearts in movies, television, radio and a variety of musical categories."

Numerous fictional characters received Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The first comic character to receive the honor was Peanut& # 39; Snoopy, in 2015.

The date of the premiere ceremony of Batman's Walk of Fame was not specified.


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