Baby Bombshell: Diana revealed WHY Prince Charles was upset when Harry was born


As the world waits for the arrival of the baby Sussex, Princess Diana and her interview reveal that the birth of a real baby is not a walk in the park.

In Andrew Morton's book Diana: your true story the avoided princess not only recalled the enormous pressure she felt during the pregnancy of Prince William and Prince Harry, but that Charles had always wanted Harry to be "a girl."

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In the book, Diana explained that Charles wanted a girl so much that when Diana discovered that Harry was a boy, she kept the Prince of Wales secret:

"Charles always wanted a girl. He wanted two kids and wanted a girl. I knew Harry was a boy and I did not tell him.





When Diana delivered the Duke of Sussex, Charles barely hid his disappointment.

"The first comment was:" Oh God, it's a boy, "the second comment:" And he even has red hair, "Diana said.



The delivery room was not the only time Charles expressed his disappointment in his son.

During the baptism of Harry, Diana remembers a conversation between Charles and his mother, after Charles said they were "disappointed" to think that "it would be a girl".

"Mom has taken off her head, saying," You must have realized how lucky you are to have a child that is normal. "Since that day the shutters have fallen, and that's what he does when he gets someone answering to him". Diana said.


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