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Asthma storm warning issued for Corowa

Asthma sufferers in the Corowa region were warned today to be alert as an asthma alert was issued in the city of Murrumbidgee.

Director of the Public Health Unit, Tracey Oakman, said the current high pollen count and thunderstorm prediction could exacerbate the risk of asthma.

"People who are known to suffer from asthma should carry the asthma blower with them at all times and try to stay indoors with their windows and doors closed during the storm," she said.

If you have difficulty breathing, it is recommended to call 000 or go to the nearest hospital.

The next four weeks could be a riskier period for asthma sufferers and people who "squeak and sneeze" during the spring, according to MS Oakman.

"Storms cause pollen grains to explode and release fine particles that can be inhaled deeper into the lungs, causing even more people to squeak and sneeze," she said.

"People should be prepared, not alarmed, and anyone with diagnosed asthma should take their asthma medications all the time during this high risk period," she said.

Health and emergency services have raised awareness of storm asthma following the fatal Melbourne asthma event that swept through the city on November 21, 2016, where 10 people died and approximately 8,500 people were hospitalized due to their exacerbated conditions.

Those wishing to receive an SMS alert when pollen counts are high and storms expected can now go to; and register to receive alerts.

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