ASOS refuses to offer Black Friday deals to the Aussies


ASOS has offered a bizarre excuse to refuse to offer Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday discounts to Australian customers.

The popular fast fashion retailer in the UK informed their Australian fans on the Instagram earlier this week that we "certainly will" join the shopping frenzy, advising them to "keep an eye on the site for Black Friday's offerings to arrive" .

But as Friday arrived, buyers realized that Australian addresses "were not eligible" to redeem ASOS Black Friday promotional codes. "Why is Australia not eligible for the sale of Black Friday? Are not we people? ", The Innavitska user wrote on the Instagram.

"Where f ** k is the man on the Black Friday sale I was so ready," Kfoxx wrote. Another person added, "Literally, the only store that does not do Black Friday sales in Australia? I had so much I was waiting for today to buy. "

In response, the ASOS Australia account on Instagram said, "We have a Black Friday sale happening right now for a number of selected countries, however, Australia is not one of them."

He added, "We timed our promotions with what makes sense in every market, and that sometimes varies from country to country. For example, our recent Click Frenzy promotion was not offered outside of Australia and New Zealand. I hope this helps. "

Buyers were outraged, beating the "conflicting messages" and saying that the Australians were "fucking". Many said they simply spent a lot elsewhere.

"ASOS shame, you're missing out," Charz92 wrote. "I was ready to spend big, but no black Friday sale! It seems like all the other retailers in Australia that are making Black Friday are making my money and it seems like I'm not alone. Well, its silly loss.

User Zara.lj said that ASOS competitor Boohoo "makes sales almost every day and has a huge sale from Black Friday to the Aussies." "Literally, all the other stores are making sales and they all work for Australians, so I do not know why we're being excluded – bad service," she said.

Marina.b.tolic described it as "really disappointing". "I ended up buying similar items I wanted from Missguided, which offer an incredible 50% off! Unsatisfactory effort, ASOS, "she said.

Missmimbaker added, "So, literally, all the other Australian retailers are sending my inbox with Black Friday sales, but ASOS Australia is opting out? # missed opportunity "

Lisaesq444 wrote: "I avoided buying things because one of their customer service representatives told me that there would be a Black Friday sale – no sale. Now no Cyber ​​Monday sale too!

ASOS Australia has contacted us again, saying that "we offer a variety of discounts in several different countries".

"If they are not advertised on their version of the site, it could mean that they are not available for use," he said. "But do not be afraid, we do several promotions throughout the year, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter. It's also worth signing up for our newsletter. "

The buyers were still not happy. "Fark your summer ballsack," Jalinbell wrote under a post promoting a bamboo summer bag.

"Thirty percent off now, or I'm going to headquarters, I start yelling. Cyber ​​Monday best make it happen, or rock bottoms for everyone. The scream train is preparing to leave the station. "

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