Friday , February 26 2021

Anne Hathaway reveals fight with anxiety before Oscar awards

Anne Hathaway revealed that she used to go hungry a few weeks before the awards appearances to have a "movie star body."

The actress, who came to fame in 2001 Princess' diary, said People she used to fight "feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, nervousness and anxiety."

Before the award was shown, she would take drastic measures to fit what she thought was the "movie star body" she needed.

"I remember 10 years ago being so scared of going into the entire awards season and doing what I thought I should do, so I barely ate anything at Christmas," she said.

"I remember my dad making a pie and I ate just a little bit because I thought the movie stars had to have a certain body. I was just smoking, just smoking my nerves and was not nurturing. "

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Hathaway said that he has now managed to get out of this mentality by learning "how to say thank you to life by trying to nurture myself by taking care of myself."

Last month, Hathaway told Ellen DeGeneres that she had promised to stop drinking until her son was 18 after a crazy night with her. Serenity co-star Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves.

"I'll stop drinking while my son is at my house just because I totally do not love the way I do and he's reaching an age when he really needs me all the time in the morning," she said. .

After his escape role in Princess' diary, Hathaway scored a series of high profile roles in The devil Wears Prada, Love and Other Drugs and The dark Knight Rises.

In 2013, she won an Oscar for her role in the musical the miserable but was ridiculed for his speech worthy of acceptance, in which she declared that it "has come true."

Hathaway said The Guardian in 2016 she felt "very uncomfortable" when she took the stage to receive her prize.

"I kind of just lost my head doing that movie, and it still had not come back. So I had to stand in front of people and feel something that I do not feel is an uncomplicated happiness," she said.

"It's an obvious thing, you win an Oscar and you should be happy. I did not feel this way … I tried to pretend that I was happy and I was called, great time. "

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