Anjelica Huston says Oprah will not talk to her over the Oscar win


Anjelica Huston claims Oprah Winfrey will not talk to her because she defeated her at the 1986 Academy Awards.

Both women were nominated for Best Supporting Actress – Huston for Prizzi's Honorand Winfrey to The color purple.

In a new interview with VultureHuston says he paid a price for hitting the talk show queen.

"She never had me at her show, ever," Huston said. "She will not talk to me.

"The only meeting I had with Oprah was when I was at an Oscar party, a private residence. I was talking to Clint Eastwood, and she literally came between us with her back to me. Then, suddenly, I was confronted with the back of Oprah's head.

Oprah was not the only one who copied a scolding from Huston in the revealing interview. She had a not-so-subtle dig in Diane Keaton about her upcoming movie Poms which is about a group of women who form a team of cheerleaders in their retirement community.

"I'm looking for movies that will impress me in some way, other than humble or humble as the band of cheerleaders gathers for a last hurray, you know," Huston said. "An old lady cheerleader movie. I do not like that sort of thing.

Huston also did not hold back when asked about Bill Murray, his co-star on The Aquatic Life with Steve Zissou.

"He sucked at me in Life Aquatic," she said Vulture. "The first week I was there, we were all in this little hotel, and he invited all the cast for dinner and go beyond me. And everyone came for dinner, a little bald on my not being invited, and they were all like, "Oh, you know, we really do not want to go."

"That was worse than anything," Huston said.

Vulture asked Huston about controversial director Woody Allen with whom she worked Crimes and Misdemeanors and Mystery of the Murder of Manhattan. Despite allegations of sexual abuse, Huston said she would work again with Allen "in a second."

She also defended it Transparent co-star Jeffrey Tambor who left the TV show after being accused of misbehavior by two co-workers.

"I think in this work we have to feel the freedom," Huston said. "We have to feel as if we could say and do things that are not necessarily judged, particularly by other people in the cast or team.

"He certainly never said or did something inappropriate with me."

Huston will be seen soon on the big screen at John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, which will be released on May 16.


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