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All you need to know

So when a friend told me that she had madly investigated the procedure and found a place she believed she had done well in a true testimony of our friendship (and my blind faith in her), I went ahead and made an appointment.


I am now a few days after the treatment and I am loving the look so far. But, the maintenance is a little too much: my eyebrows have to avoid water at all costs (I wear a plastic visor in the shower) and they have to stay hydrated 24 hours a day (so I'm sleeping with plastic wrap on my face for in the post-treatment cream).

In short, I probably should have done my own research. Here's everything I'd like to know (and you should know if you're thinking of doing it).

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo form that can last from one to four years.

After the microblading, or diffusion technique, how long the results last depends on the client's skin type; Oily skin usually lasts between one and two years and dries normal skin between two and four years, says Ursula Cervellone, cosmetic tattoo artist and founder of Couture Feather Brow of Sydney.

Lifestyle factors, such as excessive sun exposure in the sun, can also reduce eyebrow longevity, as well as hormones, medications, and the use of active skin care products, such as retinol, vitamin C, and AHAs.

Taking your query, do not drink alcohol

"It is recommended that one week before your procedure you stop using aspirin, fish oil and Voltaren and avoid alcohol," says Cervellone. "This only guarantees less bleeding during the procedure. It is normal to bleed during the procedure, but it is usually minimal."

Also, refrain from having your eyebrows plucked / waxed / threaded prior to your consultation.

This allows your forehead artist to work with its natural shape.


Have an idea of ​​the eyebrow shape you want

Take photos if necessary, too. During my consultation, I was asked if I wanted a softer eyebrow or a stronger eyebrow. (Note: if you are undecided you should go for the softer option, it is much easier to step things up later than soften the eyebrows.) You also have the option to choose how high you want the bow to be and if you would like of an ombre eyebrow, that is, softer in front and heavier in the back.

My eyebrows were measured by symmetry and I performed a series of facial expressions, such as smiling and frowning, so that the artist could see how my eyebrows naturally sit and what was the "strong eyebrow" and which "lazy brow". She recorded forms that I continually reviewed throughout the process until we were happy. So I was color-matched to the right tone of ink.

"Two eyebrows will never be identical due to the skeletal bone, muscles, fat pads and skin that is below and around the eyebrow, but the goal is to make them as symmetrical as possible by mapping and measuring the eyebrows first, lifting and lengthening where necessary to be, "says Cervellone, adding that his goal is" to embellish everyone as individually and as naturally as possible. "

Not so painful, and microblading is very fast

Prior to microblading and after consultation, I had an anesthetic cream on the eyebrows for about 30 minutes. Then each eyebrow took about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Easypeasy.

"I use a scalpel-like instrument that has tiny needles with different heads and curvatures that create tiny hair strokes mingling with existing natural hair for customers," explains Cervellone.

"We use to lightly scratch the surface layer of the skin with a combination of curves upward and sloping to give the hair a natural three-dimensional appearance.The skin is broken with fine lines of stroke and the pigment is absorbed skin and will heal on hair strokes natural looking. "

Give your eyebrows 10 days to heal and set

Immediately following your eyebrow tattoo procedure, you will feel slight tenderness usually only a day or two later, says Cervellone. "Limit any physical activity (such as swimming or saunas) or direct exposure to sunlight that may cause premature fading."


I received Protat after-treatment cream and applied it at least five times a day (ie every two to three hours) to prevent infection and crusting, and to prevent the eyebrows from drying out. As mentioned earlier, applying an adherent film over the eyebrows covered by Protat before going to bed will lock the cream and prevent it from spreading over the sheets.

Then there's that waterproof visor for the shower! Exercise should be kept to a minimum as well, especially if you sweat excessively. (Light exercise is good, just make sure to wash your hands and wipe the equipment to avoid infection.)

You'll need one to two touch-ups following the initial procedure

"In about two weeks, your eyebrows will have healed. As a result, the initial intensity and thickness will fade, and the desired color tone will begin to appear. above the procedure, especially if you would like to make any changes in the shape of your eyebrow, or fill in any areas that need modification after some areas have disappeared in the healing process. During retouching, the original procedure will be This repetition helps the tattoo last longer and encourages the paint to insert more permanently into the skin, explains Cervellone.

Finally, the third follow-up appointment should be scheduled between three and four weeks, but not everyone will need a third ring. Depending on how well you follow these aftercare recommendations and how quickly the semi-permanent ink fades, you should not need to make another appointment (retouching / color refresh) for up to one to three years. "

Your eyebrows will still grow as per normal after microblading

Continue to cut, cap, enclose, or thread as usual.

Take care of your eyebrows to ensure they last as long as possible

That is, avoid excessive exposure to the sun, use sunscreen and observe which products you apply near the eyebrow area (oils and active ingredients in excess).

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