AFL 2019: Scott Lycett free x Carlton AFL 360 video, free collection of James Sicily


The free kick paid against Hawthorn quarterback James Sicily on Sunday is "destructive" to the game at the AFL level, according to AFL 360 co-host Mark Robinson.

And images shown in the Fox Footy movie AFL 360 on Monday night, revealed the almost ridiculous extent that the AFL is doing in its crackdown on improvised contact.

After several exciting events during round two, the footy community was confused about the definition of "forbidden contact" in the midst of AFL's repression of punches and ball problems.

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The most contentious incident involved James Sicily of Hawthorn, who gave a free kick to Bulldog Josh Schache for an off-the-ball tangle that resulted directly in a goal for the dogs at a crucial time. The AFL gave the decision the approval tick on Monday afternoon saying that the referee believed that Sicily hit Schache with a siege and therefore was right to grant an automatic free kick.

Collingwood will also go to court on Tuesday night after rudeman Mason Cox received a ban offer from director Michael Jackson for his collision with Dylan Grimes of Richmond.

But a free kick paid against Port Adelaide's Scott Lycett – who was at the center of the contact against Demon Max Gawn in Round 1 – Saturday night revealed the AFL's time to eliminate unnecessary contact.

Port policeman is embarrassing & # 39; free

Port policeman is embarrassing & # 39; free


Lycett was in a seemingly tame contest with Blue Andrew Phillips in a second-quarter pitch before pushing Phillips into the back, prompting the referee to sound the whistle.

The Porto recruitment was stunned by the call at the time and met with the referees in the interval for further explanation.

"This is not a free shot … we lost our way in the first two weeks of this season," said Robinson, Herald Sun's top soccer reporter. AFL 360.

Scott Lycett argues his case with the referee at halftime.
Scott Lycett argues his case with the referee at halftime.Source: FOX SPORTS

"When I was watching (the Sicilian incident), I was thinking that the referee and the AFL should have another camera angle to turn it off.

"We can not handle zero tolerance because it's as if the AFL said 'Roosy' (Paul Roos), Garry Lyon and all of you complaining last week – there you go, let's pull it all up. what seems to me, it's because of malice.Now I do not think so, but that's how I felt.

"That James Sicily thing is destructive to our game. The Scott Lycett incident is an embarrassment to our game.

AFL reaches embarrassing level

AFL reaches embarrassing level


"What Liam Jones did to Jack Riewoldt in the second round earned him a free kick … Ben Cunnington's punch, in my opinion, deserved a complaint and a suspension … and now we went from there to this week.

"I think Steve Hocking is a man who wants to take care of the game, no doubt about that. I think he pulled the wrong rein with this – absolutely positive.


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