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Abbie Chatfield Attacks Viewers

Abbie Chatfield has unleashed Bachelorette fans after Wednesday night's episode, citing a "double standard" in the way viewers react to men and women.

Posting to Shameless Podcast on Facebook, Matt Agnew's runner-up of the season The bachelor He pointed out that she was "villain" when she took Matt aside during a party and made it clear that "he wasn't here to make friends," while when Ryan did the same to Angie, he was labeled "gentleman."

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“HMMMMM interesting that when I took Matt to a conversation and said,“ I'm not here to make friends, ”not even after a single date and not in private, I was abused online and called myself a psychopath. / immature girl code / breaking, ”she posted.

"But when Ryan takes Angie, he's a gentleman who is only there for Angie and is more mature than everyone else …? I love the blatant double standards.

The publication attracted more than 650 likes, with fans supporting the 24-year-old, urging her to "keep calling people."

"I'm still annoyed at the amount of abuse that has been hurled at you," said one.

“I got into discussions with coworkers and friends who said things about you that were disgusting. I am amazed at your confidence and hope that younger people will see you as an example to follow. "

Responding to supporters, Abbie said she intends to write an article “detailing every time men from single I did the same things as myself and was praised while I was a villain. ”

"Maybe I'll start a podcast about how crazy I am, lol xx," she added, commenting later, "You know this is going to be a hectic speech when it starts with & # 39; within our patriarchal society … & # 39; "

Since she Bachelor Season aired, Abbie was candid on social media about the unjustified reaction she faced.

Immediately after the end, she posted a long troll rant about "bitch shame."

“Things that embarrassed me at #thebachelorau: this bikini, my hometown skort, lots of cocktail dresses, kissing matt & # 39; undated & # 39; and at a cocktail party (out of anyone's sight), putting Matt in various locations with varying degrees of intensity, honestly admitting that he wanted to have sex with a man he was dating for 10 weeks and everywhere just using sexuality to manipulate Matt & # 39; ”She wrote.

And earlier this month, she aimed at the Daily Mail readers by “bodyshaming” after seeing several cruel comments in recent bikini photos.

By posting a blazing response on Instagram, she begged people to "leave her alone … for the sake of the general public's mental health," who can read the comments and "internalize the opinions of others."

"Body shame, slut shame, sexism," she labeled the cruel words.

“I'm at the end of my bond with this. STOP commenting on women's bodies and debating whether or not we are allowed to wear bikinis. It is not your place. I'm 24 years old, healthy, happy and comfortable. Why does this annoy people? ”She posed.

Abbie's latest speech comes amid several former reality show participants opening up about their mental health struggles this week, in light of the historic case of Seven workers' pay.

Married at first sight Stars like Tracey Jewel and Davina Rankin were sincere about how online bullying impacted their lives after TV, adding that Nine Network's support simply wasn't enough.

Both expressed that they may consider taking legal action after House Rules Competitor Nicole Prince made a successful claim against Seven for portraying her as the "villain" in 2017.

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