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How many times can you insult your husband on your wedding day before someone tells you to calm down? Seven. The answer is seven.

More on that later.

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At the top of today's episode Married at first sight, we checked out the newlyweds Jessika and Mick and Melissa and Dino.

Jessika still seems happy about her marriage to Mick.

Melissa, who is preparing for the honeymoon, is as anxious as someone who has not had sex for eight years.

What about Dino? It is very quiet, as I could say in 2001 while I downloaded Limewire songs and let my Tamagotchi die slowly and painfully.

Sayonara Episode 2 couples. It's time for our next batch of test subjects.

HEIDI and MIKE, and NING and MARK.


Heidi is a fun radio host! Here she is pretending to speak to the callers live in the air.

& # 39; Join us now is Studio Heidi! Hi Heidi, you're on the air! Thank you Heidi! (Nine)

At the same time, Mike is in Sydney telling his family – including his disapproving father – about his plans to marry a stranger.

Let's fam, this makes a lot more sense than the time I left all my savings in Bitcoin. (Nine)

Father disapproving seems to disapprove, but without actually saying so. We have just received many of these looks.

"It's Bitcoin all over again." (Nine)

His name is Bob. Bob is not too convinced that his son will be able to abandon the single lifestyle to marry a woman he has not yet met.

But you're wrong, Bob.

Mick and Heidi meet at the altar and are immediately connected. After reading each other's vows, they have a good kiss and go to the front desk.

While Heidi goes to the bathroom, Mike tells everyone how his new wife is hot. Fortunately for Mick, he is not watching Heidi pee in a cup. Unlike his friends who had the misfortune to be recruited as micturition assistants.

#romance #friendship

During the speech of her fiancΓ©, Mick talks about his father, telling the room that he looks at Bob when it comes to treating a lady and making a marriage work.

Bob, however, has no interest in doing this private marriage work. Here he is leaving the reception.

It's harder to fantasize about a party when there are 30 cameras trained on you. (Nine)


Mark is 41 years old. He was never married, never had children, and never told a woman that he loves her.

Ning is a 32-year-old three-year-old mother who has been burned by mistresses in the past, so she has a tendency to self-sabotage new relationships by putting her walls up. This translates to: it may be half way πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ but in a playful way πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ But it's still saying πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ :(.

Here's all that means (in an interesting way, but still does mean) that Ning told Mark:

  1. "I'm here just for food and drinks, not for meeting you, not getting married, not just for food."

  2. After Mark said he was glad Ning had gone to the wedding: "I was going to turn around."

  3. "It's been a long day Okay, I'm sure you do not have to get up at five o'clock You do not have to do hair and makeup At least you have hair so that's good Shh I do not think I should say that . It happened. "

  4. After Mark tried to warm up Ning with his hands, "No, that's worse." Any excuse to touch me, man, he just wants to touch me, I'm like "Euuuuugh".

  5. "I was just saying that I can not block you from any social media.That's what I do.I block people out of my life.How," Oh, I'm not interested in you.I'm just going to block you & # 39; "

  6. "No, do not sing, please do not sing, never."

  7. When he gets up to leave the desk, "OK, do not come back, okay?"

At first, Mark attributed this to a wrong sense of humor, generated by nervousness, but it turned out to be very sad, because his confidence was taking a beating. Funny how the relentless and endless abuse – of his wife – will do that to a person.

Mark, are you okay? (Nine)

Eventually, Ning's friends are kind of reunited, m8 & # 39; and Ning admits that he should probably at least try to be cool.

She conquers him spending some time with his mother, and then nervously decides to tell him about his three children – they are not in the marriage – and he is cold about it.

Mark tells Ning that he is 100% committed to the experiment and does not plan to move away from it. Ning shows his appreciation by immediately telling Mark that she hates him.

(Just kidding.)

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