& # 39; Itemized & # 39; Glider Redeploy coming to Fortnite in v.720


Epic Games has announced that Glider Reimplant will return to Fortnite as an item in v7.20.

On January 14, it was revealed that Glider Reimploy will actually be returning to Fortnite, but in a different way than before.

The Glowing Reimplement will now be "broken down," meaning that a Glider will now take up inventory space and use "charges".

After all charges are used, the Glowing Reimplement item is complete.

Players will be able to find the Replenishing Glider item on the floor, Chests, Vending Machines and Supply Flames.

You can see the full Epic Games ad below.

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A while ago, we did a test to redeploy the glider. There was a very split response in the mechanic that revealed some positives as well as some negatives. We've removed the mechanics from standard modes, but we feel that an alternate implementation will help solve some of these negative aspects and best suit our goals. The goal with the item is to provide mobility and utility, but in a way that can be balanced and iterated. By implementing replantation of the glider as an item, we can iterate at several different levels (ie, reposition height, speed of movement, chance of discard, load count), including the tension of inventory space. Reimplant will work on v7.20:

  • The Gliders item will take up inventory space and can be found in normal draw sources.
  • Activate the Replenishment Glider as you normally would, you do not need to select the item.
    • Each deployment will remove a load, when all charges are used, the item will disappear.
    • The use of LTM's Launch Pads, Rifts-to-Go and respawns will not consume a load as they put you into Skydiving mode.
  • The new Glider Reimplant item can be found in floors, Chests, Vending Machines and Supply Flames.

What about up 50s or other big team modes?

When you leave the Battle Bus, you will automatically receive a 50-item Glider item. (This counts as being placed in skydiving mode, which will not consume a load of the Glider item.)

We will be watching the item closely and adjusting it as needed, so be frank in your discussions and comments! "

More to come.


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