11th Anniversary of Tesla's Death – No Joke!



published in April 21, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

April 21, 2019 per Zachary Shahan

Okay, it's a joke, of course, since Tesla is not dead and certainly not dead for 11 years! However, for those of you who thought this idea of ​​an 11-year anniversary of Tesla's death was a joke on April 1, I assure you, it is not!

One of the frustrating things about following Tesla for many years is that the misguided attacks on Tesla, criticisms of Tesla, and Tesla tests did not dissipate over time, as Tesla has already proved that. In fact, despite so many "impossible" accomplishments and even though Tesla has absolutely stuck his 2006 Secret Master Plan, criticism and criticism seem to have increased.

This can be super frustrating and annoying – ignorance alone, not to mention the many implications. However, it can also be funny. I mean, seriously, critics have predicted Tesla's impending death for over a decade! Where is Mark Twain when you need him?

Writing flashback articles from Tesla and Morning Monkey Business is a fun way to respond to continuous nonsense, but I realized that there was something better I could do that could also have a much more positive and practical impact. I could organize a celebration, or even a global celebration, a network of celebrations!

Of course, for a network of celebrations, I need a lot more than I do. I need Tesla owners and fans around the world to share and share their love for Tesla in abundant and generous ways. As I pointed out when I first announced it:

You can focus on test drives and display the super-fabulous Tesla Model 3, Model X, Model S and Roadster.

You could arrange a party at home, a pool party or a camping party in Tesla.

You can start an epic journey, organize a Tesla parade, plan a day of Tesla drag racing or create a tesla hunt.

You could have a party of freaks, organize a day of jokes using Tesla Summon, or try to set a record for the largest number of dance X models.

There are many things you could do. The goal is to have fun and spread the good news that Tesla, in fact, is not dead and will not die anytime soon. On the contrary, Tesla is seeing its growth explode, Tesla has the most satisfied buyers in the automotive market, Tesla offers a better car than a BMW 330i, but has a total cost of ownership comparable to one Toyota Camry or the Honda Accord, Tesla has broken countless sales records, and Tesla is essentially in a league of its own at the top of the auto market.

I spent some time trying to think of the best way to organize the organizers, and after considering beautiful maps, a dedicated website and more, I came up with a super simple and basic approach that I saw work well over and over again with Tesla Owners and fans – a Google Sheet (or two of them).

If you want to attend an already planned event, take a look at what is happening On here and send an email or text message to the organizer.

If you want to organize an event, use our contact form and choose the option "I want to host or attend an event of Tesla's 11-year death anniversary!" Just do it.

Although the overall plan is for all events to occur on May 19, as it is the anniversary of the 11-year "Tesla Death Watch", we are flexible. You can arrange an event for another day if the 19 does not work for you. Leave us the information and we will promote it. Of course, you should also post about it on reddit, Twitter, Facebook, through your local Tesla group of owners or EV club, and anywhere else that you think might attract attention.

The sooner you tell us about your involvement, the more we can market your event and help bring more support and input to the organization. We're really going to hell out of this network of celebrations – to a boring degree – so we hope you do not hold your own desire to join in the fun!

Thanks to a handful of early leaders, we've planned the following events, but we're just getting started:

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Krakow, Poland / Polska
  • Oxnard, California
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Thisted – Nykøbing M., Denmark
  • Twin cities, MN

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