Zanella: "They're killing the industry at this rate" | economy


A few days later of the 70th anniversary of the national car manufacturer Zanella, happened in October, the president of the company, Walter Steiner, considered before Infonews that "no one will invest in this country with this rate (interest, close to 70%)." In an exclusive interview, the owner of the company said that "they are killing the industry at this rateNo one can survive. "

In October, 37,206 motorcycles were patented, which Sales of 44.8% less than in 2017, according to the Association of Automobile Dealers of the Argentine Republic (Acara). So far this year, the reduction reached 8.7% in relation to the same period of the previous year, it deepened from the second quarter onwards. 2018.

The national firm has 450 employees and carries out a system of suspensions. Nowadays, two of its four factories are in danger of closing: those of Mar del Plata and San Luis, with a total of 160 workers.

"We are having people on hold, and today we are paying for doing nothing and no company can sustain this for long." If the market does not change, and there is not much expectation that the market will change, unless we have very low rates to fund , We will be forced to reduce staff"He warned.

In September, during a transport exhibition, the company presented the first four-wheeled vehicle (for cargo transfer) of the brand that is marketed in the country. Some time before, the company announced that this model would be produced locally. However, the first units arrived imported and a new communication informed that, in the moment, in Argentina, only pieces imported from China would be assembled.

This happened in the middle of a bid with the government to obtain a tariff benefit that allows to reduce costs: "Why all this effort in investing, training, having factories when the rest only interests, has no workers and has the same rate? Steiner claimed. And he concluded: "if there is not an advantage to produce here, we will have to stop producing and continuing, like the rest, importing"

According to the businessman, the main causes of the decline of the motorcycle market were the sharp devaluation of the dollar and the rise in interest rates, which raised the value of the shares in a segment with few cash sales.

The arrival of new competitors also affected the domestic industry: "we produce 50,000 engines, in China a manufacturer makes 3 million; there are things you can not compete with"In this context, the company announced that it is converting its machining workshop to produce accessories for other segments.


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