Zaira Nara tame a bull in the air and ran out of corsets


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April 20, 2019

Morfi's conductor starred in a hot blooper during the program's special broadcast on Good Friday.

Zaira Nara Morfi
Photo: @ zaira.nara

Zaira Nara accepted the to challenge in to tame a mechanical bull for air and he starred blooper unexpected event that caused laughter of all your companions in Morfi.

Very courage, O model who usually walk horses beside him husband it's yours small daughter during their stays in the field– has arrived play and not only did he not complete the feat but he had an accident with his underwear.

Wanda Nara revealed that she fought with Zaira for a man

When falling from the bull, Zaira was rendered on the inflatable mattress surrounding the fictional animal and although he wanted to hide it, the bodice and had to make a maneuver so that it was not seen cameras in television.

However, his colleagues reported on what happened since they got to see the front page underwear of Nara coming out of her clothes and they could not contain their laughter.

The "rustic chic" anniversary of Mailaika, the daughter of Zaira Nara

"I can not believe what I did, I'm dying," he said. Melina Fleiderman when he realized what had happened.

For its part, the Chinese Leunis it was over compassionate with the sister in Wanda and without neglecting his chivalry, he wanted to minimize what had happened and mentioned: "Never lose glamor.

Given the reactions of their ColleaguesZaira cut herself off and, as she stared at the buttons on her shirt with pure laughter, she said, "I never lose glamor, but I lose my bodice.

In turn, the young woman was able to respond comments yours faithful followers in the social networks and, with the humor that characterizes him, he announced: "Sorry, Good Friday, I stayed in the morgues, in Morfi anything can happen."


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