Sunday , October 24 2021

YouTube for Android adds new playback speeds


The Android application has made official the change of its options for better usability. YouTube has enabled these speeds in the update.

YouTube has some news for Android users. Those who use the video app on Google's operating system will have new playback speeds. The announcement was made official and you can have it in the new application update.

The original YouTube version has six speeds: x0.25, x0.50, x0.75, x1.25, x1.5 and x2. Users complained that the jump to the last speed is drastic, so YouTube decided to add two more options to make a difference of x0.25.

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To change YouTube playback speed on Android, you'll need to insert any video from the platform. Once there, click on the three-point menu. You'll see a floating window at the bottom where you'll find the & # 39; Playback speed & # 39; section. That's where you can finally change the speed.



YouTube (AFI pronunciation) [ˈjuːtjuːb]) is a site dedicated to sharing videos. Features a variety of movie clips, TV shows and music videos as well as amateur content such as video blogging and YouTube Gaming. Despite YouTube's rules against uploading videos with all rights reserved, this material exists in abundance. People who host your videos on this platform are generally known as youtubers.

It was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005 and in October 2006 acquired by Google Inc. in exchange for $ 1.6 billion: it now operates as one of its subsidiaries. It is the site of its type most used on the internet.

YouTube uses an HTML5-based online player, which was built right after the introduction of W3C and is supported by the most popular web browsers. Previously, your player was working with Adobe Flash, but this tool was discarded in 2016. Links to YouTube videos can also be entered into blogs and personal websites using API or incorporating certain HTML code.

On August 29, 2017, YouTube announced some changes to the design of its web version and introduced a new logo, which for the first time separates the name from the icon.5


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