Thursday , April 22 2021

You'll now see two ads tracked on YouTube, though it may be less annoying

The company is testing the way advertising is presented, but there is a compelling reason.

Two consecutive ads can be read as something crazy, especially considering some time. However, YouTube is testing to make playback time longer.

As mentioned in a blog post, over the last three years, the time spent playing content that users spend on YouTube has increased tenfold. However, the amount of ads displayed can be annoying to many, especially if they interrupt a video more than once.

The solution? two ads in a row. This would reduce the number of interruptions during the video and lead to a longer "fight" of advertising, but in a single moment. As you have done so far, these ad slots can be skipped with the same button as usual after a few seconds.

This was stated by Khushbu Rathi, Product Manager, YouTube Video Ads:

When users see two ads in a range, they are less likely to be interrupted by ads later. In fact, these users will have up to 40% fewer ad interrupts in the session.

The issue will be implemented first in the desktop version, followed by the mobile version and the television.

The company has also been making headlines in some Latin American countries, where it officially introduced YouTube Music and YouTube Premium a few weeks ago. See the note here.

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