Yedlin warned that there is "an unwarranted delay" in the distribution of influenza vaccine


Although the influenza virus has not yet been detected, at least in Tucumán, the Pablo Yedlin He was concerned about the delay in distributing the vaccine that prevents it.

The congressman, who presides over the block of the Justicialista Front in Tucumán and was the driving force behind the current Immunization Law, explained that there is no set date to start the vaccination campaign. "It depends on the preparation of the vaccine, which changes every year, what is tried is that it be distributed as soon as one has, before the circulation of the virus," he said.

Yedlin recalled that in previous years the doses were distributed in mid-March. "The difference is that in those years the vaccine had to be imported, but today it is made in Argentina, I was in the factory on February 19 and the doses were ready, so there is an unjustified and risky delay because it is already available," he warned.

"We do not know whether or not the purchase order came from the Nation, but there are 10 million doses that need to reach thousands of vaccines across the country," he added.

"What I say," continued the cop, "is that no one falls asleep and procedures are rushed because the flu can be fatal to at-risk groups." In this regard, she recalled that babies should be vaccinated from six months to two years (they should receive two separate doses for one month), those over 65 (they should receive the dose with the vaccine that prevents pneumococcus), pregnant women, health personnel and people with chronic diseases.

Finally, Yedlin recalled that the money that the state should allocate for the purchase of vaccines is guaranteed in the budget. "Investment in vaccines is not an expense, it is demonstrated that ensuring that vaccines are spent less and that they are not purchased is punishable by law," he said.


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