Saturday , February 27 2021

Yanina Latorre returned from vacation and crossed to Cinthia Fernández after the fight on Twitter: "Do not hide in me for your crap"

What a welcome! Yanina Latorre He came back from his vacation and the first thing he did, since he talked to Angel De Brito about how this happened, was to cross Cinthia Fernández.

The driver lit the wick when asked "Did you see Cinthia?"

"Hi, how are you? I do not know if I can handle it" Yanina greeted her and the dancer immediately asked her "do not be bad, now she was taken by the attack of not loving me".

"I'm not bad, Cinthia, but you confuse me: that I believe better than you does not mean that I do not love you., clarified Latorre.

Fernandez admitted "You're better than I. No one said no, I'm learning."

"You're on Twitter, you can not rest on vacation?"Angel asked.

Yanina said that "on a note I read that He said "I do evil, I'm a quilombo, because I'm replacing Yanina Latorre." Not! Stop a minute! I am irreplaceable. Do not hide in me for your crap. "

"I said you have to be spicy", explained Cinthia and de Brito joked that "he was calm too, he almost ate a trial of Carmen Barbieri, Fede Bal …".

"I've seen things, they do not happen to me, Martín Redrado just … Pico hates me, but he does not send me a letter," Yanina closed.

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