Yaf Nafta is down 3% on average and these are the new prices in Mendoza


During the early morning, YPF service stations changed their prices and, on average, dropped more than 3%.

On Sunday, the company announced that because of the low price of the international oil barrel, added to the stability of the exchange rate, it would be possible to reduce the price.


Super: went from R $ 38,24 to R $ 37,99

Infinia: went from $ 43.24 to $ 42.99

Diesel: US $ 35.71

Infinia Diesel: went from R $ 40,55 to R $ 39,69

Consult the price according to each service station and flag from here: Prices at the pump.

The company dominates more than 50% of the fuel market and, as expected, the decision will impact the rest of the seasons.


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