Monday , October 25 2021

Ximena Rijel, the actress who denounces Quique Estevanez: I'm not lying and I will not let you doubt what I'm saying


In the last week, another public complaint for abuse of power appeared in the media after the break that produced the collective and judicial action of Thelma Fardin.

Who said it now Ximena Rijel, which in 2013 made a special participation in "Sweet love" with the character of Marilyn. On Facebook, accused Rijel Investments abuse of power and harassment in exchange for work.

"When I worked on Dulce Amor making an ex-girlfriend of Sebastián Estevanez, having started recording and having other books in hand, I was summoned to have a meeting with Enrique Estevanez and at that meeting as I did not follow the game, I said that mine participation has ended, " he reported.

Then he mentioned Juan Darthés. "If Darthes had so much power as an actor to get an actress from a novel, why do not they talk about the producer of this novel?" From Enrique Estevanez, we all know how he handled himself, which he asked the actresses to give him a role. The good thing about talking about these things is that for some, impunity is over. " to the point.

Rijel said he was also the victim of a representative and that after these two episodes all cost him more work.

And in dialogue with, Rijel reaffirmed his statements and said he would take the case to Justice: "I made a Facebook post, I wanted to know, for things to change, as I said in my post. But since he denies what I say, I will do it legally. "

"I'm not lying and I will not let you doubt what I'm saying, I'm not a media person and it's not my dream to be. What I wrote was because I hope that once and for all the conditions of work change and that the impunity of some will end, " he commented.

Finally, he clarified: "I know that Sebastian left. (Estevanez) to speak, I could not see, I understand that he goes out to defend his father, but I want to rush to him about it. I have nothing but good things to say about him. "

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