Friday , October 22 2021

Xbox One S offer with one or several games for € 199 at Christmas


Xbox launched a great offer that you can enjoy only during Christmas. You can already get one Xbox One S with one or more titles for only € 199. We give you more details below.

Recently, we told you that Xbox has launched many offers in packages, subscriptions, accessories and games only until January 5, while today the company surprised us with yet another offer.

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The slim model of Xbox One, that is, Xbox One S, is available with one or several games, according to the store, for only € 199. In case of this offer, you can find it until the next 6 January. If you are thinking of giving a console, do not hesitate and enjoy this offer!

On the other hand, we remind you that you can still get some of the free games from the month of December for Xbox One and Xbox 360, although we already know what the free games will be available in January as well. And as an extra, you can read our reports on the top 20 games for Xbox 360 and the top 20 games for the Xbox One.

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In Xbox One S highlights the small size, absence of transformer for electrical connection, change by white color or changes in ports: Kinect disappears and USB and HDMI are replaced. In terms of performance news, Xbox One S lets you play 4K Video and offers HDR in games.

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