Wrong tanning? Luciana Salazar's back is "burning"


Surely you saw it in portals, social networks, TV shows or heard on the radio: Luciana Salazar and Marley met on the cover of the magazine Caras and introduced their children, Matilda and Mirko. Everything was in front of the cameras and with video recordings and photos to post on the accounts of these famous babies.

But not only the babies were protagonists: the back of Luciana Salazar as well. As seen in the photo published by Flavio Mendoza (Luciana's close friend and also a brand new father), the back of the model is stained with confusing marks. Rare of this woman so esthetician, who would never neglect her body (much less careful about it).

According to his own published in his Instagram, would be an organic tan with homemade airbrush (and this was produced by a company that caters to many celebrities). Thus, the dress with low neckline so exposed that marks the skin that attracted the attention of all. It may be a self-tanning stain.

Remember that wearing sunscreen daily and avoiding exposure to the sun at dangerous times can damage our skin and even our health.

Returning to the back of Luli, we must say that in the video that circulated through the networks you do not notice much that point in his back. Maybe the lights helped her nuance or she wore body makeup. Is that the blonde really was an airbrush?


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