Work and play with Microsoft Surface Go 4G LTE


The new Microsoft Surface Go 4G LTE is the perfect companion for mobile professionals, students or families on the move. Combining performance and portability in a highly functional device, it has all the benefits of the Surface family of Windows PCs in a smaller, more affordable package. We are proud to be Microsoft's first telecommunications partner in Australia to choose Surface Go 4G LTE with our latest consumer and business tablet plans.

We know that on any given day, you can switch between different roles instantly, whether to go to work or talk to friends or family. Australians are becoming more mobile than ever before, and the Surface Go 4G LTE eliminates reliance on Wi-Fi or home broadband hotspots so you can work from the outside as easily as the office.

With Microsoft Surface Go 4G LTE at Telstra, you'll have the perfect portable productivity device on Australia's fastest and most reliable mobile network *, offering the convenience of calling and starting work where and when you need it. With the integrated connectivity of a 4G LTE SIM, you can remotely manage your small business or stream your favorite TV shows and movies without relying on Wi-Fi.

At the heart of our new approach to small businesses is choice and flexibility – both critical to success in today's fast-paced business environment. Our partnership with Microsoft in Surface Go 4G LTE gives our customers the option of adding powerful, portable technology to our mobile plans and flexible Business Choice tablets. It's a great combination that allows businesses to be more productive, more mobile, and more connected than ever.

As part of the partnership, Telstra's consumer customers can purchase Surface Go 4G LTE in a $ 65 / month plan (for 24 months, minimum cost of $ 1,560) with 40GB of data (25GB + 15GB of bonus) on Telstra's mobile network without overuse of data charges # in Australia.

Telstra Small Business customers can also purchase the 128GB Surface Go 4G LTE with Windows 10 Home in a $ 65 / month plan with 30GB of shareable data (for 24 months, a minimum cost of $ 1,560 ) or the Surface Go LTE 256GB with Windows 10 Pro at $ 85 month / month plan with 30GB of shareable data (for 24 months, minimum cost of $ 2,040).

In addition, for the first time, Telstra's small business customers can get the Surface Go 4G LTE on a tablet plan with no lockout agreement and no excess data charges in Australia.# This means that small businesses can increase and decrease their mobile needs from month to month, according to the growth of their business or peak periods.

Whether you want to get away from the ordinary – whether to run your business or just for fun – Surface Go 4G LTE will be at your side, whatever the task.

Things you need to know:

* All references to Australia's fastest network are based on the combined national average of 3G / 4G mobile speeds.

Telstra Mobile Network offers 4GX in all major and regional cities and in over 1,600 cities and communities in Australia. In other coverage areas in Australia, you will automatically switch to the fastest 3G or 4G available. Speeds vary for reasons such as location, base station distance, terrain, user numbers, hardware / software configuration, download source, and upload destination. If multiple users connect to a Wi-Fi device, speeds will be slower. Check coverage at

# Data peace of mind: after including data included, the data rate is 1.5 Mbps (which is not suitable for HD video or high-speed applications and means that some Web pages, media content / video and social files may take longer to load) and decreased further during periods of increased movement. For personal use only on a smartphone. FairPlay policy applies. For use in Australia.


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