Women have become a challenge for the video game industry: the challenge is to keep them as a captive audience


League of Legends (LoL), is recognized as the most played PC game in the world. Being a free title, more than 100 million people play every month in a competitive environment that combines speed and strategy in real time.

It was developed in 2009 by Riot Games, and has more than 3.6 million hours viewed on its streaming in Latin America alone as well as an annual tournament made up of 15 regional leagues crowning a world champion.

This new season brings several changes to the regulars of LoL. For example, From 2019, South America and North America will merge into a single league. "We believe we will have a much more competitive league," says Santiago Kegevic, Marketing and Public Relations Manager for Latin America South.

In the new season There will be more content, new goals and objectives as well as a system designed to make the competitive mode more fun for players.

In addition, since the end of 2018, Riot Games and Marvel Entertainment have announced a collaboration to bring the League of Legends stories to comics and graphic novels., to tell the story of the LoL universe.

The first release was Ashe's Matriarch, which will have monthly editions on digital platforms since December 19, followed by a graphic novel to be published in May this year.

Andrés Cerro, brand manager of Riot Games Latam, in interview for Infobae Mexico, talks about the success of League of Legends over time. He believes that his popularity is due to several factors, such as the moment of its release, when this type of video game was blooming and LoL was one of the most affordable.

In addition, Cerro says that LoL has a "very pretty" view on the development of the game. "It's endless," he says, since content is added every 15 days and updatedbecause things are never static within history.

Another important element is how Riot Games see your relationship with the player. It reacts a lot to how fans give feedback, and that helped a lot.

On the role of women within the universe of League of Legends, Cerro says that they see the development of champions (characters) with the goal of offering the greatest diversity possible. "We know that players are very different from each other and we want to offer interesting themes that players can identify with or feel attracted to, there is a huge level of diversity"account.

Andrés explains that the female role becomes much more complex. "We tried to offer a lot of diversity because we know that players are very diverse and this is a game that is played all over the world. we want to offer themes, archetypes, images, skin colors and body shapes that allow anyone to identify themselves "he continues.

"The video game industry has generally embraced a lot of gender diversity. Historically and for reasons other than developers, these have been considered something of men, but the reality is that they are attractive to both men and women. Today the distribution of men and women players in the world is almost 50-50so Riot Games sees it as a reality, "he continues.

The brand manager reports that inside the video game, you have a complete system of player behavior that is focused on ensuring that male players do not create a hostile environment for women and ensure that people play in a sporting environment.

"The unsportsmanlike nature of online gaming will probably exist for a long time, because the control systems are imperfect, but we are evolving. We are constantly investigating how we can do to identify where one player is hostile to another, and unfortunately, in many cases, men as a genre create that environment.

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The reality is that There are many instances of players who are very good. I believe that having these systems that help have safer spaces is important "he says.

For the same reason there is an exclusive league of girls, the Girls' League, which has tournaments and themed only for them. "There are many women in Latin America playingand there are many who are exceptional; the other girls can recognize themselves in this and realize that they are not "weird," concludes Andrés Cerro.

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According to Intel, the amount of gamers in Mexico is increasing and only from 2016 to 2018 grew 20 million, adding to that more than 60 million people in love with video games.

The company pointed out that at least 16 million Mexicans play on the PC, which represents a market of 26,000 million pesos per year.

Diego Garza, the brand's local sales director, said that something that attracts attention is the passion of the players, and mentioned that this year a study was done in a group of 33,000 people, over 18 years in Mexico, who identified that now women spend more time on video games.

He added that This type of game has reached such importance that it is estimated that by 2019 eSports reach a value of 10 billion dollars.


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