Without implants or surgeries: this is how the buttocks of the "most beautiful girl" grew


Mexican presenter Yanet García, known as "the most beautiful girl in the world", shared a photo in Instagram to demonstrate how Her butt changed thanks to the exercise.

This area of ​​your body is one of the most praised (and also criticized) of your entire anatomy. Repeatedly Yanet explained that he did not undergo plastic surgeries to enlarge his buttocks.

With its latest Instagram publication, the program host Today reaffirmed this message.

The collage of photographs showed, on the one hand, the cover of the magazine H and the other on their recent beach vacation.

The difference in the size of Yanet's buttocks was evident and she wrote to clarify:

"Four years ago, without implants, without injections, without surgeries, hard work gives results."

Although just an hour ago made the publication, Yanet has already reached more than 100,000 thousand "tanned" in the social network.

Most of the nearly 1,500 comments celebrated Garcia's image, but there were those who continued to question their appearance or, they said they preferred what they looked like before.

It is not the first time that the weather announcer makes statements about his figure.

"Please do not give up!" Yes, you can. My whole body is natural, I just had my bust. The best advice I can give is to be patient and disciplined. Great results take time, but I promise you can achieve your goal. Hard work gives results, "Yanet wrote in a post on Instagram last January.

In this post, "the girl with the most beautiful weather" shared a collage showing how her figure has changed over the years.

In another interview, for Televisa Espectáculos last year, Yanet said that his glutes are natural.

"Something I've always accepted is that the bust is not natural, I did increase because it helped me in my self-esteembecause she was very thin. It is the only surgery, but My buttocks are mine, they are natural, I did them with exercises. No more secrets every day go to the gym, eat healthy. It took me eight years. There are no magic formulas, more than super strong training. "

In her account at Instagram, where she already has 9 million followers, Yanet often shares bikini pictures or tight clothing, but she also shows fans some of her exercise routines.


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