Friday , April 23 2021

Within superfinal hours, Gallardo and Barros Schelotto end up defining the teams

River coach Marcelo Gallardo and Boca Guillermo Barros Schelotto are ready to announce their players who will be holders of the second Copa Libertadores final, one of the great mysteries of the previous week.

On the "millionaire" side, during the week the team tried to play with 5 defenders, plus the two sides added to the attack with a zone of three flyers and Pity Martinez with Pratto, and then added Enzo Pérez back to the traditional line of 4 and adding an attacker instead of Nacho Fernández.

But then everything changed again and they joined the team Juan Fernando Quintero by a double hook with Piedade, then entered Mora for the Colombian and in a passage was Martinez Quarta again for Palacios.

Thus, the team had variants tactics and surnames while rehearsing with: Armani; Montiel, Maidana, Pinola, Helmet; Palacios (Martínez Quarta), Ponzio and Enzo Pérez; Piedade Martínez and Juan Fernando Quintero (Mora); Pratto

The rumors give some supremacy to Quintero to integrate the initial formation. We must remember that Rafael Santos Borré are suspended, suspended, and the injured Ignacio Scocco.

On the side of the Xeneize, the doubts go to know who will replace the injured Christian Pavón: among the candidates are Carlos Tevez, Darío Benedetto, the juvenile Agustín Almendra and Mauro Zarate. In the last few hours, the one that sounds the most is Almond. In the goal, Esteban Andrada will enter for Agustín Rossi.

But It is not ruled out that "El Mellizo" announces another surprise in the next few minutes.

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