With the pickup boom, Ford adds two new models


The oval brand, one of the most successful, would incorporate two new products to expand the range that now has Ranger. Which are they?

Ford is one of the brands that has more history and tradition in the country in the segment of pick ups. With his classic F100, he knew how to win men from the field and seduce those he saw on the street.

Then came the era of mediums and was the turn of Ranger, produced in the factory of Pacheco.

Now, the brand would start a new stage with two more bets than "plays": the arrival of the Raptor, on the one hand; and F150 on the other.

Although the brand keeps the hermetism, would be the stars of goodbye of the year that will perform at 10 o'clock in the evening, in Gardiner, where there are always surprises.

O Raptor is the most sportive and most radical version of the Ranger. That is, the middle segment, but with another "look".

The F150 is a great "flat" that in addition to retake the history of the F100, the "full size" will face the only player in the market, the RAM 1500.

The Raptor Ranger is produced in Thailand and South Africa, two of the most important markets in the production of pick ups.

Based on the conventional model, Ford Performance made changes for more extreme performance. He reinforced the chassis, applied a new suspension and designed extra protections in the low areas and on the bumper, according to TN.

Visually inspired by his older sister, the F150 Raptor. The word "Ford" occupies the entire front grille (the same applies to Toyota with the new Gazoo Racing special series), has black plastic fenders and large tires designed to withstand any off-road situation.

The engine is a diesel 2.0 biturbo of 213 HP. The automatic gearbox of ten gears.

In case of The F150, the best-selling vehicle in the United States (including cars), stands out for having a large, "sturdy" double cabin, a word that is often used, but in this case it is good. Autoblog was the specialized medium that followed this model, repeatedly asking the brand to sell it in the country.

There are no known engines and versions that can reach the country, but in other markets have a 3.3-liter V6 3.3 hp (6-speed automatic), a 325 hp V6 2.7, a 375 hp V6 3.5 or a 450 hp V8 5.0 from 395 HP and 250 HP V6 3.0 turbo diesel. All with 10-speed automatic transmission.

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