Windows 10 loads Windows Media Player with the latest update


Microsoft continues to discover the bugs it introduced in Windows 10 October 2018 update

The Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809) is still a big headache for Microsoft. While they still have not fixed the fault they make Can not put apps by default to open file formats, and other faults that have not yet been detected, now a new one related to Windows Media Player.

Microsoft itself has created a new support page for build 17763.134 which detailed the bug related to standard applications, but recently they silently updated to add that there is a new problem that affects the bar that allows us to select the point where we want playback of content.

So, currently, when playing certain file formats, you can not select an exact minute where we want the playback to be placed. It took Microsoft several months to detect the crash, and says it will soon offer a solution that we expect to happen in December, or even in 2019.

Today they have released a new patch whose changes are unknown

This contrasts with what the company had promised, which would be much more transparent with the failures and that the quality of the updates would be better than ever. Despite this, they reopening October 2018 update only fixing the failure that deleted files of Documents and Images if they were in another route and leaving many others present in the update.

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In addition, these support pages detailing the best and current glitches usually arrive after the updates are released. the user has no way of knowing what he is installing even after a few hours or a few days. For example, in the last hours the company released the patch KB4469342 for the Insiders, but there is no no support page in which we can see the details of the changes, although it includes solutions to failures in Windows 10 1809. So we see that it will take months for Microsoft to fix all the bugs that have been introduced in this latest release.

Lack of transparency also affects the type of files affected Windows Media Player, where the company does not expose, they should try to avoid them. For now, the only solution that can be applied to this (and many others) failure is to continue using April 2018 update, which had no failure. You can also install another player, like the ones we left below.

This kind of practice does not fit with what it was for a few minutes yesterday most valuable company in the world, given the recent increase and Fall of Apple in recent weeks.


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