Wild attack against a journalist defending Racing – 04/30/2019


Sebastian Acosta, a journalist who supports Racing, suffered a brutal attack of three people he identified as members of the brave bar. It happened on Monday in Avellaneda, when he left the radio where his program is broadcast.

O Chinese Acosta was intercepted by three individuals who beat him ferociously until they caused a four-fold fracture of the jaw and the breaking of the nasal septum. In addition, the right eye vision has been compromised and he will have to undergo surgery.

According to you could discover Clarin, Acosta would have identified the attackers as members of the Imperial Guard. O Chinese, who currently runs the program "Racing XXII" from Monday to Friday at 6 pm on Radio Citrico, was one of the founders of the local Tita Mattiussi. He was also part of the "Racing Stones", a faction of Academy fans, and was part of the leadership during the management of Gaston Cogorno.

Acosta was disfigured by the aggression. (Photo: @GermanMonaco)

Acosta was disfigured by the aggression. (Photo: @GermanMonaco)

The bars attacked Acosta at the radio exit, located at Ingeniero Marconi 610, Avellaneda. It was disfigured. It was not clear whether the attack had anything to do with the program or for personal reasons.

The Racing Bar records a tragic history of attacks on party journalists: journalism student Nicolas Pacheco, 24, was murdered at the headquarters of Villa del Parque on January 24, 2013. He got 50 hits and ended up at the bottom of the club pool. For the murder, were sentenced to 12 years of prison Enrique Rulet, Hannibal Cowboy Dominguez and Juan Carlos Turu Rodríguez


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