Wide margin for Gutiérrez in an intern without surprises


As of today begins a new stage in the provincial government that will be signed by the reelection of the governor Omar Gutiérrez. "The big challenge will be to win in 2019," the governor demanded last night, shortly after securing victory in the MPN's internal elections.

"The political project will merge into one, the colors end up in the MPN," he replied amid the euphoria of triumph when "Rio Negro" asked what he would say to the current deputy governor, Rolando Figueroa, who confronted him in the inmates from yesterday.

Data released by the MPN at the close of this edition indicated that about 120,000 people voted, of which 62% for the Blue list of Gutiérrez and 38% for the Violeta de Figueroa, about 74,400 against 45,600. "It's 30% of the province's total census and it's the same percentage that we imposed in 2014," Gutierrez said. The official data indicated that, with 60% of the tables counted, Blue was imposed with 57%.

Figueroa preferred silence. His spokesmen repeated that there was fraud. Gutiérrez recalled that the election was controlled by 23 prosecutors and rescued the sanity of the electoral act.

He insisted twice that "there are no winners or losers in the MPN".

Gutiérrez staged a street party in front of the MPN Governing Council headquarters in Olascoaga 1,002. Shortly after the 22nd, former governor Jorge Sapag arrived and was exultant with his candidate.

When he showed himself in front of the waiting crowd, Gutierrez picked up the microphone and began to make a disapproving gesture of the song sung by the militants. "Where they are, where are those who will win us," they said. The governor told them not to continue and they changed to a more neutral. A clear message of unity was also taken by Guillermo Pereyra, who told this newspaper that before the end of the day he would call Figueroa to invite him to participate in the challenge of maintaining the province in 2019.

Gutiérrez said that since he was 20 he could not answer his cell phone, so if Figueroa had called him he would not be able to attend. He had attended a congratulatory call from Senator Pereyra.

Would Figueroa be encouraged to leave the MPN? Pereyra answered frankly that he did not believe and that it was necessary to bet on unity. Gutierrez preferred the call to the gestures of unity.

From now on, the provincial election date has to be fixed, for which the governor escaped a specific response: "Step by step, we first had to win the stage and then we will set the date."

To begin with, a web of meetings and agreements will begin, because it is the Governing Board shared between Jorge Sapag and Pereyra, who will draw up the list of provincial deputies with the waiting places, that is, they can reach a bank in the Legislative. The loser may have deputies, but the party leadership says where he is located. Everyone knows that after deputy number 12, it is difficult to sit on the comfortable Leloir 810 embroidered leather bench.

In numbers


The vote was approximately the difference obtained by Blue over the Violet, according to the official information released last night by the president of the MPN.


votes got the blue list. In 2014, the formula Gutiérrez Figueroa took 69,631.


They voted in the MPN's internal and open election of a pattern of 420,735 affiliates and independents.

He lost the intendants of El Chañar, El Cholar, Caviahue and Chos Malal

With more than 60% of polling stations surveyed throughout the province, the blue list announced a resounding victory yesterday. His representatives said they won in 50 of the 54 sites.

In the north of Neuquén, region with clear influence of the list of Violeta, the sector headed by the governor, Omar Gutiérrez, obtained unexpected conquests. In Huinganco, with 100% of the tables counted, Azul won by a small difference. He won with 49.39% of the votes in the governor category compared to 46.76% of his competitor. He also stayed with Las Ovejas, a city where he received 54.32% of the votes.

He achieved a comfortable victory in the oil regions, such as Añelo and Rincon de los Sauces. In both, he won by 60% of the vote.

In southern province La Azul also performed well. In San Martin de los Andes, with 85.19% of the tables counted, Gutiérrez's list was 61.26% of the vote. In Villa La Angostura with 91.66% of the data loaded the current president won with 53.77% of the votes. In Villa Traful the victory was 55.67%.

The current governor lost in Caviahue-Copahue, reference place of the deputy Alma "Chani" Sapag. With the total of the counts counted, Violeta obtained 54,15% of the votes in the governor category. The list headed by the current deputy governor, Rolando Figueroa, won in San Patricio del Chañar, Chos Malal and El Cholar.

In the oil cities, like Añelo and Rincón de los Sauces, keys to Vaca Muerta, the blue list kept the candidacies for the intendant.

A classic: taxis and contracted vehicles

On Saturday, most service stations overflowed with vehicles waiting to load their tanks. Yesterday, in a central corner of the capital, Neuquén became the base of operations for the operation of taxis.

According to information from the union of Peones, about 280 units went to the internal elections of the provincial party, but did not indicate which list.

Figueroa did not speak, but left suspicions about the election

The opponent of the moment was last night the great absent when they learned the provisional results of the inmate of the Popular Movement Neuquino (MPN). Deputy Governor Rolando Figueroa avoided the loser's picture when the Electoral Council gave Omar Gutiérrez a 57% advantage over 39% and sent the lawyers on Violeta's list to the press conference they gave minutes before day 21 to denounce that the election was "fraudulent". "This has been transformed into a catalog of maneuvers, fraud and lack of transparency," said Rep. José Russo with Federico Brollo and Rodolfo Chaneton in an office on Independencia Street.

The spokesman listed "squeeze", "trout tickets" and results in some tables that "are very different, almost magical," but clarified that they will examine today whether or not to file a complaint in court. He justified that in the course of the elections, they could not do so because the electoral justice was "closed" and there was no one to receive the proposals. "The judicial power seekers did not see anything and we do not know where they are," they questioned the 23 inspectors who were assigned to control the election in major cities.

Violet was an early speech because its members had already stated that their competitors from Blue prepared "a fraud", that they had bought votes and extorted people to vote.

"We are disappointed by our colleagues, it is always possible to smooth edges, but in this context it is very difficult," said Russo.

The deputy governor will speak at age 11 today to give his vision of what happened because the analysis of the data "requires more insight than a statesman, less hot," said the lawyer.

Figueroa chose yesterday to wait for the results at his house with his daughters and did not answer any questions from the press after 18 years. His top candidates also remained silent.

The provisional results indicated a victory for Violeta in the intentions of Chos Malal, El Cholar and El Chañar.

Analyze: Gutiérrez with his own label on the blue list

Governor Omar Gutiérrez got more than an electoral victory yesterday. He scored his personal mark on a creation of former governor Jorge Sapag: the blue list. Both he and his deputy and opponent, Rolando Figueroa, came to government in the hands of the leader and as part of a renewal within the MPN.

The presence of Sapag from the shadows was a constant suspicion both internally and externally. Such was the case that Figueroa devoted much of his criticism to his exmentador.

"That's all of him," said a collaborator of Gutierrez. The governor chose equipment and style: young profiles and performance management. With that and without the battery of suspicions of Figueroa pierce the reality, could obtain the triumph. But it remains to be seen whether it will bring the MPN together and maintain the government after 2019.


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