Friday , October 22 2021

Why did Nicolas Cabré not want to record with Flor Vigna or Gimena Accardi the institution of El Trece?


Nicolás Cabré He applauded his girlfriend standing up. Laurita Fernández, this Saturday night in Mar del Plata in the second function of Sugar, the musical that he himself starred in and that now has Vico D & # 39; Alessandro in his role. The actor was with his daughter. Rufina – for whom he had with China Suárez – accompanying the actress on his arrival in the summer season that is preparing to be successful: more than 300 seats sold at the beginning point a good amount of audience for the show that produces Gustavo Yankelevich

Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, Cabré records the latest comedy scenes My brother is a clone., who starred in El Trece playing two twins, with a moderate audience that did not settle; aligned with a failed product. Strip recordings were transformed into hostile territory during the last stage of the work: indescribable classification was added to the relationship of the protagonists, Cabré and Flor Vigna, which was spread to the entire cast.

The story is well-known: Vigna carried – on one occasion – a picture in bed with Cabré in the frame of the strip fiction. Laurita Fernández, his girlfriend, he understood this as a provocation. The scene that was promoted in the photo has already been aired. The jury of the ShowMatch She called furiously to the former participant and insulted her without further ado. The terms of the discussion – they say – were much stronger than what was said. Then came polemics, cross-declarations and a war of fanatical bands on Twitter, on one side and the other. The "macho" of the story, Cabré, lets the women fight publicly without saying a word. An attitude that no longer works with these times.

The future was a course of deception. Recordings from dog to dog face; I go and Vigna without speaking, without rehearsing, recording their scenes directly; and the cast that joined the girl – big and friendly – rather than the protagonist – characteristically and with a reputation for being at least dry. Cabré was not invited to celebrate the 50 chaptersand an authoritative voice revealed: "He's not going to work on Pol-ka after all this". No one confirms these sayings. Believe or explode, but one last fact confirms that everything is wrong.

El Trece has launched a Christmas spot with all its figures, a classic of the channels on those dates. Word "Congratulations" It is replicated in the image and in the voices of all members of the channel team: drivers – starting with Tinelli – for the actors. But the protagonists of My brother is a clone. appear separately.

The protagonist of the prime-time channel of the channel did not want to record with Flor Vigna and Gimena Accardi the institutional channel of Christmas. Cabré appears only once, very soon, on the spot, saying the word "congratulations." Girls, on the other hand, appear twice as prominently. This is in accordance with the bad relationship of the protagonists of the strip. Unlike the point at the beginning of the year, which the three made together, Cabré asked to be alone in his role, not with his castmates.

Although they say that things do not go well with Pol-Ka, it is known that Adrián Suar will co-produce with Nacho Laviaguerre and Gustavo Yankelevich the comedy Bachelor which Cabré will star next year at the Lola Membrives Theater. Television and theater are not the same, but it is difficult to think of Cabré outside of Pol-Ka (Suar), but produced by him in the theater. For now the rumors are true because they do not see the actor in promoting the channel with their figures. Time will tell.

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