Why Alejandro Fantino would not celebrate if Boca is champion of the Copa Libertadores


Fantino, very difficult with Conmebol Source: Archive

Alejandro Fantino

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In his usual editorial on his La Red radio show "Fantino 910", Boca's reporter, rapporteur and fan argued the reasons why Conmebol should award points to the team led by Guillermo Barros Schelotto. In turn, he said that if this happens, there is nothing to celebrate and he was very critical of the body.

"Boca did what he had to do and now the regulations are fulfilled, and Tano Angelici did what he had to do," Fantino said of Boca's request for points. And he wondered, "Honestly, do you think you could play the game like that?" "But how come these brutes of Conmebol no longer suspend?" He added.

"If the Conmebol guys say we're not sure, let's go to TAS and if TAS says we're not right, well, perfect," continued Fantino. "I'm speaking as a partner and supporter of Boca, they tell me if I'm on equality or not with what I lived with River in 2015. If it's the same, if it's not the same, lawyers will know, said the journalist. And he insisted on his vision: "I believe that Boca should receive the points of this game, first, so that, once learned, neither the violent nor the savage can beat us.
The Baker, I have a Copa Libertadores, "he said, adding," Well, they'll tell me it's not the same, they were out of court, "the journalist explained about the aggression against the micro-nexus.

Anyway, Fantino said he would not celebrate, although Boca, the club of which he is a fan, is the champion of the Copa Libertadores. "Now, if Boca is a champion, as I think I should be a champion if the regulation is applied, I will not go to any party, because this has already been distorted, and this has already been in the background. , is in the background, and if Boca wins on the court, he enters the background, "the reporter concluded.


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